Monday, 31 March 2014

Rouge Edition Lipstick by Bourjois

I'll start this post with a quick apology as I haven't posted in a week, unfortunately last week was a rather busy one for me. I've also recently started learning to drive, which for me I'm finding quite stressful! However, last Thursday I purchased one of Bourjois' little beauties from their Rouge Edition Lipstick collection. I've seen the velvet ones featured on Emtalks and would also love to try those out! But for now, I'm going to do a quick post on this classic red lipstick. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Summer Must-Have: Lee Stafford Babe Sea Salt Spray

If you're looking to have natural beachy hair in Summer then this product is for you 100%. Although Summer is a few months away, it is still respectively close with what only 3/4 months left to go? I will be honest, I am definitely more of a Winter girl than a Summer one, I don't take to hot weather well and its particularly because I don't catch a tan...yes it does suck to be me sometimes.

However, after owning this product for over a year now and still being in my first bottle, I thought it was only fair I told you about this little pink gem. I'd say that Lee Stafford is a well-known and respect brand within the hair styling industry, and their products always have great reviews. Although this is the only one I have tried so far, and to be honest I really need to get stuck into their brand as this has treated me so well the past year. 

The product itself claims to provide you with 'beach babe waves', which I think creates the same image in everyone's mind when thinking about it. I didn't think that this would actually make my hair either wavy or volumised - however it DID both. 

All you need to do is dry your hair using a towel until it's damp, and then spray a bit on each part of your hair and you're done; within the next hour your hair is already transformed into natural waves for the typical summer beach girl look. I can't justify how legit my comments are on this product, but I can honestly say I am not just saying it & every word is the complete truth.

At only £7.99 you really can't go wrong for a brilliant working product which will last you all year round. You can find it here in Boots   



Thursday, 20 March 2014

Haircare Wishlist

As some of you may know, etailPR are hosting a competition in which you can win a £300 Topshop voucher, a ghd Wonderland Deluxe Kit and a ghd Brush Set. To enter the competition you have to become a member of etailPR and then you'll receive emails finding our about commissions and competitions, which is just how I found out about this one. 
etailPR have partnered up with Hairtrade, and to enter the competition you just need to include one of their products in a 'wishlist' style blog post, and don't worry there is something there for every girl on their site so be sure to check it out even if you aren't entering yourself. I decided I would do a haircare wishlist as my hair is definitely in need of some TLC, and a few cute accessories...

1. VO5 Plump It Up Heat Defence Volume Whipped Mouse - Vo5 are one of my favourite hair treatment brands, particularly for the smell and the packaging. Although gender stereotypical, all the female products are in pink - although I love this, they look so pretty displayed in your bathroom. I also love how they all seem to have their own little families, for me I love the 'Plump It Up' products as my hair definitely needs some volume added to it..and I'm hoping this will do the trick.

2. VO5 Plump It Up Heat Defence Volumising Spritz -Again, from the VO5 brand this is another little beauty I'd like to try out, heat protect and volume in one?! I think I'll say yes to that one.

3. Matrix Vavoom Gold Heat Blow-In Control Protective Serum - I found this on Hairtrade while looking for a heat protector. I've never tried using a protective serum before but I've heard they're actually better than protective sprays, what do you think? Either way, I'm keen to find out if this works for me, and where better than to order it from Hairtrade?

4. Moroccanoil Treatment Oil - Now you're mad if you haven't heard of Moroccanoil! So many beauty bloggers and Youtube gurus swear by this brand, and being honest with you I've not yet seen a bad review. I've never tried this, and although I would just buy it it comes free if you subscribe to Vogue before the 7th April (£20 special offer)...aaah joys of Vogue.

5. Ecotools Quick Volume Styler Brush - One of my worst beauty habits is not investing enough into good quality makeup brushes, however I do own Ecotools brushes which I do love and find easy to work with. I'm in need of a new brush and this one looks perfect for me, and completely organic!

6. Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Midnight Black - I've wanted a Tangle Teezer for as long I've known about them, but from hearing mixed opinions from friends I've never been sure whether to take the risk. However I love this little one, it's such a gem and I'm sure I can get some good use out of it..after all like I said, my hair NEEDS volume.

7. Satin Charmeuse Scrunchie - White Red Stripe - As you may have seen, scrunchies have come back into fashion. It feels like yesterday when I was wearing them as a little girl matching them to my summer dresses in primary school. It sucks I didn't keep hold of them, however you just don't think how fashion is going to change. I love this one from American Apparel and it's onyl £4.50, they're usually known for their steep prices however ASOS are currently selling them for £6.00, so in my eyes this is a bargain.

8. Velvet Scrunchie - Burgundy - I'm loving velvet too at the moment, so I thought I'd like this one as well and it's such a gorgeous colour.

9. TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner - My hair is so dead ended it actually needs shaving off, and although I've heard it's a myth this works, there's no harm in trying right? I have the hair mask for this, although I never use it; I'm not a fan of hair masks as I'm lazy and find them time consuming. Have you used their hairmask? If so let me know what you think.

10. ghd IV STYLER - I will curse anyone who says ghd's are overrated and not justifiable for their money. I'm not usually one to believe in expensive products working better than cheaper ones, although with hair straighteners, you do get what you pay for. After using my friends ghds the other day I realised just how good they are, and how much of a difference they make - everyone asked me if I had extensions in after using them, they just lengthen your hair so much! Mine broke a while ago and I've been using some plain cheap ones which really just don't do the job, so if you ask me I'd advise ghds over any brand every time. 

11. BaByliss 2287BU Pro Curl 210 Styling Hair Tongs - Last but not least, I need some new curling tongs after losing mine while doing Phantom. People slate BaByliss however I never tend to splash out on curling tongs as these little ones always seem to do the trick for me. Having straight hair everyday is doing my head in, and I hate to curl with straighteners as it just goes 'kinky' (not in a seductive way but you get what I mean).

So that was my haircare wishlist, have you tried any of these products? What's on your haircare wishlist for this Spring/Summer? 



Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Makeup Mishaps Tag

(Images not mine)

I've just been tagged by Meg to do the Makeup Mishaps Tag, and I won't lie I saw this tag and had really wanted to do it so was rather happy when I got the tweet from Meg saying she'd tagged me in it. The tag was originally created by Becca, who's blog is amazing so you should definitely give it a read. These questions have proved quite hard to answer however, so here goes..

Have really thick, sharpie like eyebrows or a major neck/foundation line?  
Foundation line - although they're awful, I already despise my eyebrows enough to even want to think about them looking even worse than they do on a day-to-day basis. Also, due to being very pale and never tanning, usually the lightest shade of foundations are still to dark for me so I'm used to blending in lines and powdering my neck with bronzer...yeah nice look.

Have chipped nail polish or horribly faded lipstick?
Although I take good care of my nails, although they're weak at the moment and are prone to snapping *cry*, I would definitely rather have chipped nails than faded lipstick. I hate how I can't wear lipstick to school as from eating and drinking in the canteen it just ends up leaving a line around your lips, as if you just have lip liner around them - the clown look is never fabulous.

Have smudged all your eye makeup or have lipstick on your teeth?
I think I would rather have smudged eye makeup as you can easily make an excuse for that, for example crying or being tired I guess? Whereas lipstick on your teeth is just embarrassing.

Over highlight- a la disco ball- or over pluck those brows and look completely surprised?
Well, I made the mistake of over-plucking my eyebrows when I was about 11 and they haven't grown back since, who knew such a minor error six years ago could impact the way I look now?! I'd definitely rather over-highlight as you can always just get rid of it by using makeup wipes, whereas if you pluck your eyebrows (like I learned the hard way) they're probably never going to grow back.

It's a typical working/school day, and unfortunately your beauty products have gone missing. You can only find a few things hidden at the bottom of your makeup bag, and have to use what you can find. What do you choose?
100 % an eyebrow brush and pencil as leaving the house with my natural eyebrows would make me want to wear a bag over my head all day - slight exaggeration I know but it's true. Of course Mascara as I have tiny eyes so I'd need them to be slightly more opened, and then probably Vaseline to keep my lips moisturised. 

OTT unsubtle fake lashes or clear mascara?
Clear mascara, I think any girl would opt for this..unsubtle eyelashes are probably the worst makeup look a girl could have.

A foundation five shades too dark or five shades too light?
I agree with Meg on this one, there's really no way around it - so five shades lighter as you could warm it up with powder and bronzer.

Hair-gloss (a beautifully sticky gloss: perfect for getting your hair stuck to in the wind) or gorgeous concealer lips?
I cannot stand hair-gloss, it's the most annoying thing ever! But I'd take hair-gloss over concealer lips any day.

Finally, it's the middle of summer - you can have either a manicure or a pedicure. However, the other set of nails have to be bare - what do you pick?
Although it's summer, the time when your feet are likely to be out the most, I'd still rather have a perfect manicure than pedicure!

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers xxxx
I tag:


Anniversary Gift Guide for Him

I thought it would be nice to do a gift guide post this week, and for the taken girlies out there this is perfect for you. Although, if you're single and have a male best friend and would like to celebrate your friendship with him, this is also a great idea for you. 

1. Well, what man doesn't like chocolate? I'm pretty sure almost everyone of them does, so if you're one of those girls who isn't very good at buying for boys but still wants to splash out abit, why not try Thornton's Continental Chocolatiers Tasting Collection ? At £19.99 you really can't go wrong with three boxes in one & amazing quality chocolates too which I'm sure won't go to waste.

2. Hallmark's 'Our Anniversary Scrapbook Photo Upload Card' is perfect if you just want to show your love in a minimalist way. Although it is just a card, you can personalise both the photos and the message inside and out! It's a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary if you aren't the 'present-type' couple - and only £2.99!

3. Aaaah..the true British colours of red, white and blue. Calvin Klein boxers are a classic must-have when it comes to buying your boyfriend/fiance/spouse underwear - this gift set is only £27.20 which if you ask me, is good value for your money, and if your budget is only £30 you can still pop in a cute card and some confetti, perfect all round?

4. If you're really wanting to break your purse then what better to spend it on than an Armani Jeans Classic Wallet? Yes it's £100.00 exactly, but what man doesn't need a new wallet in his life? Especially so he can store his spending money for you in there..selfish present on the cards!

5. Now, this is one of those presents you'd class one of the 'romantic' ones - a customized mug.  Although cliche, every man enjoys at least one hot drink and there is no way anyone can have enough mugs in their life. At £8.00 these are perfect as you can add up to four photos & your own personal message. Also checkout the other personalised gifts Moonpig has to offer, they're all great value for money and you can find something for everyone there.

6. I won't lie, Millies Cookies are genuinely worth the money they are. I've baked my own homemade one before, and although it was insanely gorgeous, it still had nothing on the originals. £14.99 for complete deliciousness & of course I'm sure your boyfriend will share with you so again it's kind of a present to share - what more could you want on your anniversary?

7. Of course, every man needs a new shirt - especially if you're going out to celebrate. This check shirt from ASOS at only £20.00 is fab for a smart-casual look and every guy looks nice in a shirt so it's definitely a good purchase. 

8. Like any couple, I am sure at least once there's been arguments over how much cover is taken up by the other person, or who has the most pillows. Now with these pillow cases, no more arguments are needed! For £29.75 you'll be able to sleep peacefully with the 'My Side, Your Side Pillow Cases' by CUSHIONS COVERED - I personally think this a great present for both you and your partner.

9. 'Getting Personal' have so many unique personalised gifts, and this was my favourite. The 'Places Notebook'  is only £8.99 and you can write anything on it which relates to your relationship - maybe inside jokes or memories you've had together? Either way it's cute and simple and a present which will be kept forever.

10. Wow..if you're smell senses are correct then you WILL love this aftershave. I bought this for my boyfriend for our one year anniversary last May and it is still my absolute favourite. You have to smell this as I just can't explain it in anyway to be able to justify how incredible it smells. Bleu de Chanel is by far the nicest scent out there for Men..they need to bring out a female version (if there isn't already one?!). 

11 & 12. Clinique are an excellent brand and I'll be honest with you, I didn't even know they made for men. With these two products you could create your own giftset for your partner, great idea and ofcourse will be well used - especially if your boyfriend loves to look after his skin. 

Clinque Skin Supplies for Men - Age Defense for Eyes 15ml 
Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Post Shave Healer 75ml 

I hope you found this gift guide useful in some way, what will you be buying for your partner? Any special occasions coming up soon? Let me know - xxxx


Monday, 17 March 2014

This or That Tag

I thought it'd be fun to do the 'This or That' tag that I've seen circulating around Blogger and Youtube over the past few months and of course, I tag all of you to do it too. As there's quite a few questions I'm going to keep my answers short & sweet - I'm looking forward to seeing how/if your answers vary to mine.

Tag Questions


Blush // Bronzer -Bronzer
Lip Gloss // Lipstick - Lipstick
Eye Liner // Mascara - Mascara
Foundation // Concealer - Foundation
Neutral // Colour Eyeshadow - Neutral
Pressed // Loose Eyeshadow - Pressed
Brushes // Sponges - Brushes


OPI // China Glaze - Never tried either
Long // Short - Long
Acrylic // Natural - Natural
Brights // Darks - Darks
Flower // No Flower - No Flower


Perfume // Body Splash - Perfume
Lotion // Body Butter - Body Butter
Body Wash // Soap - Soap
Lush // Other Bath Company - I love lush, but there's also many I like too!


Jeans // Sweat Pants - Jeans
Long sleeve // Short Sleeved - Long Sleeved
Dresses // Skirts - Skirts
Stripes // Plain - Plain
Flip Flops // Sandals - Flipflops
Scarves // Hats - Both!
Studs // Dangly Earrings - I don't have my ears pierced... 
Necklaces // Bracelets - Necklaces
Heels // Flats - Heels
Cowboy Boots // Riding Boots - ???
Jacket // Hoodie - Jacket
Forever 21 // Charlotte Russe - Forever 21
Abercrombie // Hollister - Hollister

Curls // Straight - Curls
Bun // Ponytail - Ponytail
Bobby Pins // Butterfly Clips - Bobby Pins
Hair Spray // Gel - Hairspray
Long // Short - Long
Light // Dark - Light
Side Sweep Bangs // Full bangs - Side Sweep 
Up // Down - Down


Rain // Shine - Rain for indoor days & Shine for outdoor days
Summer // Winter - Winter
Fall // Spring - Fall
Chocolate // Vanilla - Chocolate
East Coast // West Coast - ??

So there it is, the 'This or That' tag, I hope you enjoyed my answers, let me know what you think.
Hopefully you'll do this tag soon and if so let me know & leave a link in the comments below


Sunday, 9 March 2014

3 Ways to Style the Classic Black Pinafore Dress

The pinafore dress is something that's really come into fashion these past few months, pretty much along with dungarees. Personally I think the pinafore dress is something for everyone, as it can be styled in so many different ways it can really be worn over and over again without looking like the exact same outfit.

Look 1: 

This is how you can dress a plain black pinafore dress to look classy, but still with colour and not the classic plain white blouse. I would probably wear this while on a lunch date during an afternoon out, I think this look is perfect for spring with the blouse especially fitting the season. As I wear a lot of black I chose a navy coat as although its similar in colour, it does give a lift to the outfit. I chose to bring out the colour in the blouse and necklace as they are the two items which bring focus to the outfit, I love this outfit because despite it being a 'spring look' the colours are the opposite from pastels which is what you would find in your ordinary spring outfit.

Pinafore: Topshop
Blouse: Zara
Necklace: Topshop
Shoes: ASOS

Look 2:

What I LOVE about this look is the pink leather jacket I've picked out; this is a classic pinafore dress look with the white collared blouse and ankle boots. As the colours of the outfit are plain black and white, I thought the jacket would be a perfect pop of colour to give the look a bit of a different edge. I would really like to purchase every item in this look, from the boots to the bag...I just think it's perfect aaah.

Pinafore: Topshop
Jacket: Zara
Boots: Kurt Geiger

Look 3:

I chose to not contrast the crop top to the dress as I wanted a different bag to go with the look, something that wouldn't be your usually staple bag. I adore snakeskin at the moment, in fact I wore a snakeskin shirt to school the other day and I loved wearing it. Also I chose to go for knee high boots as this isn't something you see people wear often, however I have no idea why?! They're beautiful. I would probably wear this outfit just casually, maybe on a shopping trip or to the cinema/theatre - the look can be dressed up or down with jewellery or you could take away the belt for a less colourful look. 

Pinafore: Topshop
Crop Top: Topshop
Belt: Fendi
Boots: Kurt Geiger

Even though I've only chosen 3 different looks, there are hundreds of ways you could style the classic black pinafore dress. It honestly is one of those staple items that you can keep in your wardrobe forever and pull out whatever the occasion if you're stuck what to wear. I hope this helped any of you, or inspired you to buy a pinafore - they are definitely worth the money.

Have a good day, Katherine x 


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

MAC Studio Sculpt Mini Review

                                                                                    (photo not mine)

Hi all, thought I'd do a quick review on the foundation I've been using for the past month or so and I wont lie, I've had a very up and down relationship with it.

Product: MAC's Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

Shade: NW15

Coverage: The website states the foundation provides a 'medium buildable to high coverage', which respectably is true. Although for the builded coverage you do have to use about a teaspoon size of foundation (which in my opinion is a hell of a lot). I've only had this foundation for about a month and a half and it's nearly run out, I wont be re-purchasing as I just don't think it's justifiable. 

Consistency: I would say that this is the products biggest flaw, my skin type is dry/normal but when I apply my foundation my face has always been thoroughly moisturised so I would have thought the foundation would just apply to my skin how it is supposed to as I am neither oily or flaky. However, I find the colour tends to stick round the edges of my face i.e. my hairline, sides of my face near my ears and around my eyebrows..the patchy look is never good. The product doesn't spread evenly across my face no matter how I apply it, fingers or foundation brush. I find this disappointing as to get an even slightly even coverage I have to use way too much of the foundation.

Staying power: The foundation itself gives a good 6 hours of staying on, however it does need to be touched up and does require powder being worn over the top to stay evened out and not go patchy.

Overall Rating: 6/10 - I find the product easy to work with as MAC's Studio Fix Fluid is like a race to rub in as soon as its been applied to your face, therefore I do rate the foundation on that. However, it's lasting power, consistency and coverage all let me down for the reasons I've explained. I don't think I will be repurchasing this product as for £25.00 it's not at all worth it..especially when in my opinion Rimmel and L'Oreal bring out some of the best foundations on the market for half the price.

Have you tried MAC Studio Sculpt? What's your opinion on it, and does it work
for you? Much loves x


Monday, 3 March 2014

Spring Wishlist

1. MAC lipstick in 'Rose Lily' £15.00 - I think this is a gorgeous light pink perfect for Spring, and its not pastel overkill. I think this is a perfect lipstick for subtleness if you are going for a natural makeup look, although I do think it'd also look amazing with a dark smokey eye. 

2. Moto Baby Blue Mom Jeans (Topshop) £40.00 - I really want to try some mom jeans as they seem to be the 'in thing' at the moment, however I am nervous as I'm petite and I'm not sure whether they'd look right on me - although fashion is all about risk taking right?

3. Lily Tartan Pinafore Dress ( £20.00 - I've wanted a pinafore in this style for quite a while, and as tartan is one of my favourite prints (as you all know) I thought this was the perfect little dress for me. I adore the green and navy colours together as it's different from your usual red, and I am currently loving the whole 'school girl' look alot.

4. Saffiano-Effect Shopper Bag (MANGO) £29.99 - This bag is beautiful, for a large bag in such a gorgeous white you can't go wrong at this price. Such a bargain, I am definitely hoping to pick this up before it goes out of stock.

5. Chain and Link Necklace (Zara) £15.99 - I love this necklace, I've been looking for a chunky chain one for a while now, and seen as though I can't decide between silver and gold..why not have both? I wouldn't usually like the idea of wearing both silver and gold together however theres something about the simplicity of this necklace which makes it work.

6. Cropped Shirt (Zara) £29.99 - I am really into shirts//blouses at the moment and this plain white one from Zara is beautiful; this is one of the items I really want but probably will not buy as £29.99 for a plain white shirt is quite a bit of money.

7. NARS Blush in Orgasm £21.50 - Aaaah, the cult product which I still do not own. As cliche and unsuprinsing this is to be on my wishlist, I've never heard a bad review about the compact. I think its finally time I give into my everyday look of bronzer and purchase a blusher, especially the biggest talked about one out there.

8. VIBRANT Tumbled Ballerinas in MINT (Topshop) £16.00 - As small as I am, I really fancy some cute ballet shoes for spring//summer. Mint is one of my favourite colours at the moment, I think its the most gorgeous pastel colour going, and at £16.00 it's not bad at all for Topshop.

9. Hoola Bronzing Powder by Benefit £23.50 - I've wanted this for a while now, I've heard so many good things about the quality of this product and I am a big fan of the packaging as unlike MAC it can't be smashed (I'm used to smashing my MAC products, accidently of course).

10. Plume Leotard//Camisole P53 ( £13.95 - Although the photo shows red, I am wanting to get this in black. After learning to do pointe work while taking part in Phantom Of The Opera as a member of the Corps de Ballet i'd really like to pursue my dancing more, and a new leotard will definitely get me in the mood.

11. Pink Tartan Mini Skirt (Select) £6.00 - This isn't even a sale item, I honestly can't believe how nice the clothes are in Select and for pretty much cheaper prices from Primark. I can't believe this skirt is only £6.00, I'm absolutely in love with it and it will definitely be one of my Spring purchases.

12. Mint Green Crop Waffle Jumper (Select) £10.00 - A knitted cropped jumper in my favourite colour for £10.00?!?! Like I said Select has been an amazing re-discovery for me, and what's even better is that on you can get 15% off.

13.  Small Shiny Croc Clutch (Whistles) £40.00 - I adore Whistles, their designs are so simple and classy I just can't get enough. If only this would come into my life sooner, I love croc pattern I think its classy if worn//dressed correctly. I could do with a new clutch bag as I only seem to have purses and large bags and nothing in between which would be suitable for a night out//party.

Hope you enjoyed my wishlist for this Spring, what's on yours? Would love to know, 
leave comments below.

Have a great day x