Sunday, 27 April 2014

Foundation | No7 Instant Radiance Foundation Review

Today I'm going to be reviewing No7's 'Instant Radiance' foundation, as you can see from the above photo I've nearly used mine all up so just from that you can see I think this foundation is a decent product. The name 'Instant Radiance' itself provided high expectations for me and as I have dry/normal skin I wanted a product to give my skin a dewy but light finish. This foundation retails at £12.50 in Boots which isn't a bad price considering it does last a long time and doesn't need to be re-purchased every few months. Again, I'm going for an in-depth review as personally I read reviews when they're more detailed and explain everything needed to know about a product before I buy it.

Monday, 21 April 2014

DIY | Makeup Brush Holders/Storage

I'm not one for DIY posts, or at least I thought I wouldn't be, but today I wasn't feeling in the mood to revise and thought I'd be a little bit creative. I think makeup storage is just as important as makeup itself, I'm yet to buy Muji storage but I have been wanting it for a very long time. This literally took me 15 minutes to make if that, its a perfect way to store and separate your brushes with minimal cost and still look presentable in your makeup collection.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Why I don't like the Bourjois 'Chocolate Bronzer'

This is probably going to come as a shock to most of you as Bourjois' 'Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder' is one of the most talked about drugstore products on blogger and Youtube. Currently Tanya Burr is absolutely raving about this product however my opinions are the complete opposite of hers (I do still love you though Tanya)! First of all I just want to start by saying that these are completely my own opinions which I thought I would share with you all as reviews are something I would like to do more frequently, I'm not saying don't buy this product as it may work for you. In advance I apologise as this is going to be a slightly in-depth review but I want to put across my opinions in the best possible way and hopefully tell you all about my experiences with this product if you're looking to make it your next purchase.

I got this as a birthday present from one of my bestfriends as part of the Bourjois Limited Edition Bronze Up Makeup Kit from ASOS which has now been reduced for £17.00 to only £13.00. It was a great present to receive as you got five of Borjois' products for around the price of two, and apart from the kabuki brush I adore everything else! When buying this product on its own it retails at £6.99, which all in all isn't bad for a bronzing powder however I would not re-purchase this and would rather spend double the amount on a bronzing powder from No7 or a more expensive brand. To say this is one of Bourjois' most famous products, I was surprised I didn't get on with it.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Top 5 | Spring and Summer Lipsticks

Hello lovlies, I've been wanting to start a bloggers series for a while now and have decided that 'Top 5' would be a good choice as it can include all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle. My first is my top five lipsticks for spring. Lipstick is probably one of my favourite makeup items to purchase, I can never seem to stop buying them as I will always chose lips for a statement over eyes. I've chosen a mix of drugstore and high end as I know some people aren't willing to splash out on products they're only going to use every once in a while.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

SEVENTEEN Instant Glow Tan Cream Bronzer | Review

As featured in my 'Summer Wishlist' I picked up SEVENTEEN's Instant Glow Tan Cream Bronzer which was £4.99 from Boots. The luxury of buying this was that I paid for it on my Boots advantage card, I've built up so much money on it from collection points which makes me wonder how much money I actually spend in Boots! Either way it felt like a freebie as I hadn't actually paid in cash for it, which made it all the more exciting to try. If you read my blog regularly you'll know I am a huge fan of cream products, particularly because I find they moisturise the dry skin texture which I have. Cream bronzers, highlighters and blushers all contribute to give that 'Kim Kardashian' glow which millions of girls want to share with her - I believe it is one of the most viewed makeup tutorials on Youtube.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Date Day | Tropical World

Everyone now and again its important to spend time with someone important to you in your life. This post is different from my usuals, but I haven't done a lifestyle post in a while. When you've been with someone for a long time its easy to get stuck in a repeated pattern of doing the same things weekly, watching movies and munching out on takeouts and by doing something completely different it makes you realise the importance of your relationship. Tropical world may seem a random place for a date, however personally I think fun is key when going for a day date and like I said - it's something different. My boyfriend Tom and I went to Tropical World // Roundhay Park on our second date which is coming up to two years ago now, so we thought we would revisit as it is such a nice place. Here are some photos from what we got up too...


The Home Edit | Bedroom Wishlist

#1 Vintage Mirror | #2 Acrylic Drawers  | #3 Throw | #4 Eiffel Tower Model  | #5 Vogue Poster |
#6 Makeup Organiser | #7 Brush/Pencil Holders | #8 Storage Basket | #9 Zara Frame | #10 Candle |
#11 Black Faux Fur Rug

If I could add a million things to this wishlist I would, and if I had the money too. Unfortunately my bedroom is quite small, although cute but it isn't very spacious. I've been needing new storage items for a while now and a few little decorative things..what do you think of these products?


Thursday, 10 April 2014

10 Things For Summer | Summer Wishlist

    (Tumblr Image)

Summer is on its way with only a few months to go. Usually I'm not summer's biggest fan, I've always been more of a winter girl (perhaps as my birthday unluckily falls on Christmas day), however after all the upcoming AS exams and the stress revising for them I'm looking forward to a long break of hopefully doing nothing school related. Recently I've discovered Polyvore and which has made my blogging life a lot easier, I'd always wondered how people so easily created wishlists and style guides and now I know it's exciting to think of the many options of blog posts I can create using it. 

My Polyvore account - I'm new to it so hopefully you can add/follow me and help me out along the way. The first thing I decided to create on Polyvore was a summer wishlist, and although they're was so much to chose from I whittled it down to just ten as I can't really be affording much more than that!

1. TOPSHOP Lip Bullet Winegum - I'm a big fan of dark lips and always have been, I've always tended to go for red and brown shades over pinks and corals and I think it lies down to the fact I have dark hair. I've never really been a fan of the 'pink lip' as for me it's a bit to 'pretty' and don't find it suits me. Topshop makeup really are good products, and the packaging is sleek, cute and not at all tacky. I think £8 for a lipstick is good value for money considering they're half the price of MAC and do just as good a job (in my opinion anyway).

2. TOPSHOP Rib Stripe Bardot Top - The image shown isn't an exact match to this top as the one on Topshop's website is an off-the-shoulder t-shirt so apologies! This is only £12 and I've really been liking stripes recently, I think they're so casual but look great with a pair of high waisted jeans or skater skirt. Wearing statement necklaces also seems to compliment striped clothes which is added bonus if you're into your bold jewellery. 

3. NARS Sheerglow Foundation - I'm just coming out of my 'matte' foundation phase, and with summer coming up it's been claimed the dewy-shine look is back in for the holidays. NARS Sheerglow seems to be one of those cult products which circulates around Youtube and Blogger as a 'must-have' product. I'm willing to pay the steep price of £30.50 to try out whether this works for me as so many people rave about it, and my friends who own it always look beautiful wearing it. It's just a case of when I can afford to break into my purse to buy it!
4. RIVER ISLAND White Pacha Mesh Chain Trim Crop Top - I love this crop top, its just something different compared to your average jersey crop top, and of course no jewellery is needed due to the gold chains. I love the pop of colour with the orange it just makes the top a bit more original, I think this would cooperate well with a pair of high waisted shorts for summertime and just makes your outfit look that little bit more dressy.

5. H&M Floral Jumpsuit - Although confused as to why it's called a 'jumpsuit', as I though jumpsuits were long and playsuits were short, I love this floral piece. I've never been keen on floral as I've always stuck to dark colours and 'smartish' items as that's just my comfort zone. Floral prints are in this spring/summer and when I saw this for only £12.99 I couldn't not put it on my wishlist, such good value for money from a decent clothing shop.

6. SLEEK i-Divine Palette in SKU - Sleek have always been one of my favourite drugstore brands since they first came about. So many people rave about their i-Divine palettes and although owning many of their products I've never tried any of their eyeshadows. I'm eager to try this as eye makeup is a skill I'm really trying to progress in...or a pathetic excuse to just by more pretty palettes.

7. NEWLOOK BLACK Crochet Hem Kimono - I love kimono's, they're kind of a classier version of a cardigan yet have a really fashionable edge. I think the detail on the ends of the sleeves are gorgeous and just give the effortless look. 

8. PRETTYLITTLETHING Stevie Neon Orange Envelope Clutch Bag -  All the clutches I seem to own are black, silver and white and I don't have anything bright like this. I love the pop of colour, I think neon's can really brighten up a dull/dark outfit by themselves. The downside is it wouldn't go with much, however for £10 it's worth a buy.

9. TOMS Classic Crochet Espadrilles - TOMS shoes have always been cute and I've been needing a pair of summer flats for a while now. I think these would go with pretty much everything and seem good quality shoes although quite pricey!

10. SEVENTEEN Instant Glow Tan Cream Bronzer - Personally I have always preferred cream blushes and bronzers as they just suit my skintype to much better than powders. I've been wanting a cream bronzer for a while now as I love contouring but with powder I find it really difficult on dry skin. Hopefully this will do the trick, and it's only £4.99.

I hope you enjoyed my summer wishlist, what's on yours? Have you tried any of 
the featured makeup products? Leave your comments below.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

MUA Eyeshadow Palette 'Heaven and Earth' First Impressions

As promised, here is my post on my first impressions of the MUA 'Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette'. Recently it's been difficult to establish the right balance between revision (dull) and blogging, and although blogging is something which I adore doing, my AS levels unfortunately have taken over on my 'priority' list. Hopefully I'll be able to post weekly over the next few months but as soon as summer comes I am really hoping to keep up with the consistency of my blog. Anyway, enough of the dull stuff and onto the product review!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Few Drugstore Products

Just a little quick post, the other day I picked up a few MUA products from Superdrug. MUA were originally a makeup line with products at only £1 - bargain. Although some of their products aren't the best, some are genuinely very good so it's always worth trying them as their prices are very inexpensive. 

Firstly I picked up their 'Heaven and Earth' eyeshadow palette, for just £4! All the colours are cool and warm neutral shades, which will all work well as staple eyeshadows for everyday makeup looks.

Secondly I chose one of their 'Blush Perfections', this one is a cream blush (in the shade 'Dolly') which I find works best for my skin type. It's such a beautiful peachy and natural colour as well.

I also picked up one of their eyebrow pencils as I've been using the Naked Basics palette to do mine recently and wanted a change. For only £1 you can't really go wrong, especially when the pencil comes with an eyebrow brush as an added bonus. I chose a lip pencil as well in the shade 'Red Drama' which I thought was good as it came with a pencil sharpener and I've been in need of one for my makeup pencils for a while.

Lastly, although not MUA, I purchased this pretty baby blue nail paint by BarryM in the shade 'Huckleburry'. It is from their 'High Shine' line which I love the finishes off, however they take FOREVER to dry.

Have you tried any of these products? Whats your opinion on MUA?