Thursday, 8 May 2014

HOLY GRAIL: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Well what can I say? I honestly have NO idea why I didn't buy this brush before. It's ridiculous the amount of positive reviews I have seen on the Real Techniques brushes, they're so hyped up and I can honestly see why. Being a beauty blogger and after following Pixiwoo for years I thought it was about time I set aside a bit of cash for my first two Real Techniques brushes (crazy to think I never had any!). Although I'd never tried their brushes before I knew that my expectations would be fulfilled, I've not ever heard a bad thing about Sam and Nic Chapman's brushes. 

The Expert Face Brush - wow. It claims to make your face look flawless and it honestly does. It applies foundation completely evenly around your face while still leaving a radiant dewy look, what more could a girl really ask for? I've only had this for a week but it has genuinely made me feel so much more confident about my foundation. I was planning to do a review on this brush although because there are SO many reviews out there and I'm a bit late to jump on the bandwagon I thought I'd leave that as I am probably the last of many to buy this brush. Call me sad but I'm making it my aim to collect every single one of RT brushes, I don't think I'll be let down!

The Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques retails at £9.99 and can be bought in Boots, Superdrug, RealTechniques & Various other websites

Have you tried this brush? Which are you favourite RT brushes?