Sunday, 27 July 2014

Summer Wishlist | August

July has absolutely flown by, the last few weeks before Summer went so quickly (gladly) and now its already come to the end of the first week of the six week holidays. I can tell its going to only feel like tomorrow by the time I am writing my September wishlist, but for now its on to August. The weather in Britain has untypically been a sauna these past few weeks, and when they said 'heat wave' I don't think I anticipated how long it would go on for (hopefully I won't speak too soon). I've never been a huge fan of the sun, its tiring and as I don't tan I pretty much moan in any hot temperature scenario. I don't have an abroad holiday booked for this year, but seen as though my cute eleven year old brother saved up to get us a bigger paddling pool I don't really mind - as long as I can cool myself down whenever I need too, it doesn't matter where I am. 

ASOS WHITE CUTOUT DRESS - I've been on the white hype for ages now, my wardrobe is pretty much black and white with no in between at the moment (seriously in need of a re-vamp). I have WAY too many black evening dresses, and I think this dress is summery yet sophisticated and also its by ASOS petite which is fab as I'm tiny and everything else is usually too big for me.

TOPSHOP BASIC BIKINI SET - I adore the fit of the Topshop bikinis, and high waisted items are always more flattering on me as I have short legs..the perfect combination. And, as for the colour I LOVE red besides black and white its another colour I think really suits me. I'm glad that the top and bottoms are separate items as no one's bra size is every the same as their bikini bottom size so you're easily able to mix and match the sizes to your preference. 

RIVER ISLAND TORTOISE SHELL SUNGLASSES - I've been loving sunglasses currently, and have been quickly building my collection from Primark's lovely £1.00 collection which are all stunning at the moment. I have a pea head so sunglasses are always too big for my face but I'm liking the whole 'over sized' look at the moment and this pair are a little different to anything I already have..

CHANEL VITALUMIERE AQUA FOUNDATION - With the much hotter weather at the moment, its the perfect opportunity for me to finally try out the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation which everyone raves about for its lightweight feel and summer coverage.

ASOS JELLY SANDALS - Jelly sandals are something you either love or hate, for me its a love and these ones are definitely on the more plain subdued side - bonus they're currently on sale for £7.00.

MAC MORANGE LIPSTICK - MAC lipsticks are my money spending weakness, and if I could earn a pound for the amount of times I've heard this lipstick shade raved about I'd be a millionaire by now (cliche I know) - this is definitely a summer must have shade.

What's on your wishlist for this month?