Friday, 31 October 2014

LASHES 101: The Vintage Cosmetics Company | The Gracie Lashes For A Natural Look

Today I'm here to talk to you about the prettiest new lashes I've been wearing recently by the Vintage Cosmetics Company! I'm a big lashes girl, and trying out new lashes is probably one of my favourite products to try..simply because they're just so pretty (and I'm a packaging hoarder but ssssh)!

I was sent the Gracie lashes to try and my first impressions were definitely regarding the packaging. All of the Vintage Cosmetic Company's products are beautifully packaged, it makes me want to buy everything from their website! The brand screams British to me, the cute floral packaging and all the names of the eye lashes are very British names (Gracie, Betty, Connie, Kitty and Nancy). I'm so pleased that the VCC are now in Boots, I'm definitely going to be picking some more of their lashes up! Another thing with entices me about their lashes is that if you can't decide which ones to try, you can try all of them for £15.00 in their very own pack called 'The Girls'.

I have so much time for lashes that are easy to apply, and these are no exception. I have about 40 pairs of eyelashes from Amazon (which can be bought here), which are so difficult to apply purely because of the thick band and the fact that aren't naturally curved...if I'm honest I've given up using them. The Gracie lashes (I am sure this is the same with all of their lashes) remind me of the Eylure lashes mainly because of their band which is so thin you can't tell where the false lashes separate from your natural lashes. These lashes pretty much match the Natural Volume 010 lashes by Eylure, their similarities lay in shape and length. I wouldn't at all say this is a bad comparison though...I love the Eylure lashes, they've always been my favourite lash brand. 

I would say the Gracie lashes are very natural, but not so that you can't tell you're wearing them! They definitely add a lot of length and curve to your lashes, and would be perfect for days or evenings out. For me, I would wear these shopping, to the races, meals out etc! I don't think they have a lot of volume, and if you're looking for a more dramatic look then it would be better to use thicker lashes or even to layer these ones!
I'm really happy with the Gracie lashes by the Vintage Cosmetics Company, they're such a friendly brand and their packaging is to die for! If you're looking for easy lash application (these would be perfect for beginners) and a natural look which still makes your eyes stand out then these are the lashes for you!

Have you heard of the Vintage Cosmetics Company? What are your favourite products?
What is your favourite eyelash brand?
Katherine x