Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Dirty Looks HK Hair Extensions | Review

I'm back for Christmas Eve! I've been so poorly its ridiculous, while still suffering from an ear infection (at Christmas!!) I'm back to review my new favourite hair asset - the HK Hair Exensions by Dirty Looks. Dirty Looks are a hair extension brand based in the UK which cater for all different shades and lengths of hair desired. So, lets see how I got on...

The team at Dirty Looks were absolutely amazing to work with, as I've recently had my hair highlighted a lot blonder its been difficult to find the perfect match as only a couple of the shades have highlights within them. At first, I was recommended the shade 'Ice Coffee Brown Highlighted' which I tried but was way too dark for my hair. Dirty Looks were kind enough to exchange the extensions for the shade 'Tanned Blonde Medium Blonde' which were a pretty much ideal match. As my hair isn't too long but below shoulder length, I opted for the second to longest length of 20-22 inches, which was a heeeeellll of a lot longer than I imagined! But as the set came with so many different pieces, it was great as I could chose to trim some and not others - adding different layers and textures to my hair when wearing the extensions. 

The hair extensions are made with Remy Human Hair which is great because it means you can style them (curl, straighten) and it will look as if it is your own hair. Everyone at my birthday meal a few weeks ago thought the set was my own hair, even though they're the people who know me the most! I'll attach some photos later on in the post!..

I do find it is difficult to wear the whole set at once as it is fairly heavy and quite thick, this would be absolutely fine for those with thicker locks but my hair is on the thin side and therefore looks a bit odd and weighted with all of the locks in. 

And you know me, as for the packaging its fabulous. The team were so sweet and sign everything with 'xoxo' which adds a personal touch to it, and they also send me a cute lollipop to enjoy which was very kind of them. 

I'm so pleased with my HK Full Head Hair extensions from Dirty Looks, there's such a variety on their website so you can try out loads of their products which are such high quality.

Here's me wearing the HK Full Head Hair Extensions on my 'birthday' with my lovely boyfriend, Tom. I say birthday, my birthday is actually on Christmas day which is tomorrow but we always celebrate it a few weeks before. 

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, sorry I haven't been around recently! But have a lovely day tomorrow & I will be back to blogging frequently again. Its my blogs first birthday soon too! You can also visit the Dirty Looks website here.
What is your favourite brand of hair extensions? Have you tried Dirty Looks?

Katherine x