Sunday, 1 February 2015

A New Lipstick Brand for Me! | L'Oreal Lipsticks

I haven't done a product feature post in a while so I thought a calm Sunday like today would be the perfect opportunity. I'm a MAC lipstick hoarder, but sometimes it spending £15.50 on a lipstick isn't always something I want to do. One of my new years resolutions is to try new things, and drugstore lipsticks aren't something I've ever really ventured into before. I took to Boots to came across the L'Oreal counter, one of my favourite drugstore brands. I've seen so much about their lipsticks across the blogging community and wanted to try some out for myself, here are my thoughts...

The first two I picked up are from their Collection Exclusive Nude Collection, and I got the shades 'J'Lo's Nude' and 'Julianne's Nude'. I've always thought L'Oreal's packing is elegant and classy, and definitely makes them look like they are a higher end brand - and these lipsticks are no exception. The packaging is matte black with gold detailing, and the brand name is engraved onto the product...simply gorgeous. With the purchase I received one of their Color Riche lipsticks in the shade 147 which is a blue toned red, I haven't worn this out yet because I have way too many reds and I don't need anymore to be opened but I am definitely saving this for a special occasion because it's stunning (similarly to the gold bullet it comes in). 

The nude shades were different to I expected, they're very sheer but actually I like that because I have a lot of matte, satin, thicker lipsticks which are very full on and these can be used for a more toned down natural everyday look. The lipsticks retail at £6.99 and can be bought in Boots and Superdrug (UK). Again, L'oreal have pleased me with their ever so classy and high quality products, I'll definitely be starting a new lipstick collection!

What are your go-to drugstore lipsticks? Do you recommend any other drugstore brands for lipsticks? What are your favourite high-end lipsticks?

Katherine x