Friday, 13 February 2015

The Makeup Revolution Euphoria Palette | Contour, Highlight, Blush

Contouring and highlighting is something which every one pretty much wants to perfect even since Kim K switched her makeup artist to @MakeupByMario and upped her makeup game, big time. Personally, I don't think its a necessity on an everyday basis just because it is something worth spending a little more time on, but I do always wear a little bronzer in my contour just to shape my face a little. I often switch between bronzing products because I find I change my mind about them rather quickly, however since I was sent the Euphoria Palette by Makeup Revolution, it is genuinely all I have been using on my face other than foundation and my MAC Studio Fix Powder. As you can see my palette has got a bit dirty (a daily basis for all my products) but let's forget that and talk about the products...

As you can see, my palette isn't in the best condition but I suppose the fact I have used it so much makes up for that. The palette comes with six eye shadows and three different face products - a bronzer, highlighter and blusher. Although it isn't the smallest of sizes, it is great for travelling because it saves having to take a larger eye shadow palette (such as the Naked palettes) and lose face products. My Euphoria palette is in the shade 'Bare' which suits my fairer complex. 

As usual, the palette is in the same packaging as the majority of their palettes which is rectangular, black and shiny with gold detailing. Of course, the eye shadow quality is on point (I do feel that Makeup Rev are a cheaper version of Urban Decay when it comes to palettes - dupes for the Naked palettes here). However I want to talk about the face products in this palette.

I'm always skeptical when it comes to bronzers, as I am naturally very pale so most appear orange on me. However I love this bronzer because it is so buildable, you can either apply it very lightly (as I do when I am not wearing fake tan) or you can build it up to your desired colour. The bronzer works well both as a bronzer and a contour shade, which is usually difficult to find - especially from the drugstore!

With highlighter, I'm completely inexperienced. I have to say, I never really have that 'glow' look and I think I need to invest in MAC's Prep and Prime products...its about time! Anyway, I do like this as it gives a really nice shine to your cheek bone and natural light really picks up on it - although you do have to be careful because you could end up looking like a disco ball if you wore too much, I wouldn't use it as an under-eye highlight. 

The blush is also lovely, its shimmery which isn't something I would usually go for in a blush however it works well with the bronzer as it contrasts with its' matte finish. That's another thing, it's difficult to find completely matte bronzers in the drugstore. 

I always get excited for new Makeup Revolution products, and it makes me really lucky to be able to try their new products and share them to all of you! I really would recommend a lot of the Makeup Revolution products and you will find numerous positive reviews about them in my blog archive so make sure you have a look there if you are wanting some new inexpensive but high quality products. 

Have you tried Makeup Revolution, what are your favourite products? What are your top three contour and highlight products you would recommend (drugstore and high end)? 

Katherine x