Saturday, 21 March 2015

Lust List | SS15



I haven't written a wishlist in absolutely ages, it seems I've forgotten about making them as I haven't really been lusting after anything recently. I've put together my SS15 wishlist, not items from SS15 collections but just what I would love for my own one! I'm loving nude and pastel colours at the moment, anything dressy and classy is right up my street at the moment. I'm still completely loving the polo neck look, plain outfits styled nicely with a pair of boots...

Monday, 16 March 2015

Finding Your Career Path! | Do I Chose University?

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You might wonder why I am writing a post like this at age 18 when I haven't discovered my own career yet. Recently I watched Lily Pebbles video on finding your career path, and it inspired me to write about my experiences with choosing my school subjects and my journey from GCSE to A level, and what I am planning on doing after school with my life. My blog is my creative outlet, and it is also pretty much a diary of my life - everything I love and everything I do is documented for you all to read.

I have changed my career plan from the age of 6 about every year, first I wanted to be a nurse, then a dentist, then a singer, an actress, a air hostess, a teacher, a pilot....the list goes on. I am an all rounded person and have an interest in a lot of different things, sticking to one thing has never really been easy for me (apart from my near three year relationship with my boyfriend, of course). I'm believe that everyone is capable of passing school to some degree, I ended up with around 10 GCSEs which allowed me to get on the the A level courses I wanted to do. Notice how I said wanted? Yes times have definitely changed since I chose History, Psychology and Sociology as my choices for A level. I do think I really struggled with the leap from GCSES to A levels, but I also know I didn't put no where near enough effort as I should have done last year - but why? Simply because I don't enjoy the subjects (well, apart from Sociology which I don't regret taking one bit - I do find the subject really interesting and it is my best grade so far).

Sunday, 15 March 2015

How I False Tan | Tanning Routine and Products

Hi everyone! I've been neglecting my blog a bit recently which is a shame because I do love it so much. However, I am stressed out to the max - I'm on a crazy health kick to get my figure back to how it was before Christmas (yes, I know its now March!) and I've been spending the rest of my time divided between crazy revising and crying over my upcoming exams - the count down app doesn't seem to realise my stress, as it reminds me on a daily basis how many days are left until my exams. But, it is time for a blog post - every now and again its good to give yourself a break and I'm taking the opportunity to blog about my false tanning routine. I am hoping on uploading a demonstration video to my Youtube channel (new!!) in the next couple of weeks but time is a bit short right now so here's a sneak peak of what's in my tanning routine...

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Your Space | Being a Small Fish in a Big Pond: Blogging

You may remember a little while ago, I started a series of posts called 'Your Space', including blogging tips and tips for improving your lifestyle in a positive way. The posts proved really popular so I wanted to write another today, and its all about being a smaller blogger in such a big community with massive competition. Using the word 'competition' probably isn't the best word to use, and that is one of my points - it shouldn't be seen as a competition, but the fact is, a lot of the time it is.

When I was younger, blogging was something which was not in any way shape or form as popular as it is now. I started watching Youtube videos when I was about 12/13 and there weren't that many Youtubers making beauty and fashion videos, and the ones who were weren't seen or branded as 'celebrities'. I have no problem with this (now that many are recognised as famous) or the fact that it is a job for many people - after all, who said a job had to be boring? I do believe both bloggers and Youtubers work very hard and are underestimated. Everyone has their own individual reasons for blogging, and whether its just a hobby, or a hobby that has successfully developed into a job, there is still an element of  anxious competition within the community. 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

First Youtube Video! | GRWM - Everyday Makeup Routine

Starting Youtube has been a goal of mine for ages and ages, but I have kept putting it off because it just seems so scary! I seem to have got over my fear a little bit and have put together what I do every day with my makeup for Sixth form! Aaaah...nerve wracking! Hope you enjoy & leave your channel links in the comments box.