Thursday, 23 April 2015

Lets Talk Social Media! | Instagram, Twitter, Social Media Apps and Stats, Blog Traffic

Hi everyone, its been a long time but I finally feel I have a bit of spare time to put towards my blog. I can't wait to fully focus on all things blogging in summer, but I just have to get all my exams out the way and then its blog blog blog! I wanted to talk about social media today, and why its so important as a blogger to get the most out of it . Social media is something that really interests me, I would love to have a job in it! I wanted to talk to you about my favourite social media apps, some interesting statistics I have found out and how these can help you as a blogger and also apps which I use to keep track of my own statistics and social media schedules...

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Keeping Motivated! | Studying & Fitness

Today I want to sit down and write all about motivation and why its so important. Its coming up to that time of the year when most students are sitting exams, summer is around the corner (summer body?!), and with the holidays coming there is going to be so much more blogging activity across the internet as its the time when everything work/school related is taking a break and you're able to focus on all the things you love in life - so I definitely thought a lifestyle post was appropriate! I'm going to share my tips for keeping myself motivated through education, fitness and my blog, and hopefully if you're feeling unmotivated you'll be able to use some of my tips to help out whatever it is you're struggling with...

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Preppy London Style! | OOTD

Hi everyone! I spent the weekend down south celebrating a family birthday and thought I would show you the outfit I wore as it was a little bit different to what I usually wear! I had a little shopping spree with my mum this past week, and picked up this gorgeous red blazer and dogtooth skirt in the sale! This look reminds me of London regardless of being there, simply because of the red - I love it, its so patriotic...

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My Beauty Habits | Beauty Questions Tag!

Hi everyone! It seems like I haven't written a post in forever, even if it has only been just over a week...revision is killing me, literally. I have so much to do and my exams start in 40 days, so it looks like I won't be blogging as much as usual anymore (it sucks, but bring on summer!). I thought I would actually do a  tag post today and answer beauty questions all about beauty, a topic I completely love and it only makes sense since beauty is a huge part of my blog. I don't usually do tag posts because I find it difficult to get to know someone through a written blog rather than a Youtube video, but I like to think of this as a little interview - and hopefully you can find out all of my beauty habits (good and bad)...