Sunday, 11 October 2015

Favourite Drugstore Foundation | L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Foundation

A while ago I wrote a post about finding your perfect foundation (which you can read here), in the post I mentioned I was still yet to find my perfect foundation and this still stands. However I have found a drugstore foundation that I have been loving for a good few months now and wanted to share it with you all if you haven't already tried this product out... 

I always think of L'Oreal as a brand which falls between drugstore and high end, not necessarily anything to do with the price (although the brand is a little bit more pricey than the likes of Rimmel and Maybelline - two of the most well known drugstore brands), but more so to do with the way all their products are packaged. I definitely think L'oreal is one of the 'best looking' brands within the drugstore market and in my opinion a lot of their products are better quality than a few of the more inexpensive ones. 

The foundation I'm talking about today is the L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Foundation, the original foundation from the Infallible range. This is the only product from the range I've tried, I'm aware there is a newer foundation which is the L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation but as I don't really tend to wear matte finishes I haven't thought about giving it a try. 

As you can see, the foundation comes in rectangular glass bottle, in my opinion these are a lot easier to store than the former version of the L'Oreal True Match Foundation (although they have recently brought out a newer version which packaging similar to this foundation!). I love the packaging because its compact and as always, a glass bottle always shows you how much product you have left. 

On the back of the bottle it states that this foundation gives a '24HR complexion', this doesn't really phase me because I know I'm never going to need to wear a foundation for this long, but I do like this foundation and it usually lasts a good 6-8 hours depending on what I'm doing. I originally bought this product as I thought it didn't contain any SPF and wanted a foundation which didn't give flashback in photos, but it turns out it has SPF 18 in but ah well i'm glad I tried it out as its now my favourite drugstore foundation.

The foundation is supposed to give 'no transfer', 'no visible imperfections', 'no dry-out effect', 'no visible shine' and 'no mask-effect'. I would definitely agree that this foundation does not give a mask effect, the foundation is really light on my skin especially when applied with a stippling brush (which in my opinion is the best way to apply foundation as it spreads evenly across the face and doesn't waste product!). 

The finish of the product definitely isn't matte, but isn't overly dewy either. It really depends on what primer/moisturiser I've used before applying the foundation but it really does work well as just a base which works perfectly with a dewy/cream contour and highlight. 

Colour wise their are eight shades to chose from, not a huge selection but definitely good enough for a drugstore foundation. I wear the shade '200 Golden Sand', which as you can see from the swatch is a little bit pale for when I am wearing false tan (which is pretty much always). However when the product is actually blended in it really doesn't show that its slightly too pale, especially when other products such as contour and bronzer are applied over the top. 

The above photo here is when the product is blended in, as you can see its quite lightweight and not cakey whatsoever - which is something I find a lot with drugstore foundations. Despite this you do have to remember that how you apply a product can make a lot of difference, I always remember the Expert Foundation/Face Brush by Real Techniques packs on way too much product at once. I do like using the Beauty Blender but I think that a stipling brush is your best bet for an even and flawless coverage.

This foundation is also perfect for colour correcting, and definitely evens out pigmentation across the face.

The product retails at £9.99 in Boots (online or in store) and currently Boots have 3 for 2 across L'Oreal products so you can pick up three for £20.00 which will last you a while - its definitely worth it if you've tried out the product and loved it as much as I have.

What's your favourite foundation from the drugstore market? Do you prefer using drugstore or high end foundations...does it make a difference?

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