Friday, 1 January 2016

Skincare for Sensitive Skin! | MooGoo Review

Hello everyone and happy new year! I can't believe another year has already gone by so quickly, and I can only imagine that 2016 is going to fly by as well! I wanted to get this post up as I've been trying out a selection of the MooGoo skincare range for around two months now, and really wanted to tell you all about it. The range focuses on skincare for those with skin problems, such as Eczema, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, baby skin conditions and Acne. As you know I've had dry skin and Eczema for as long as I can remember so when MooGoo contacted me I was more than excited to actually try skincare products which were created specifically for skin conditions, seen as though everything else I use its from the chemist. 

MooGoo sent me three of their products to try out, all of which my skin has got on pretty well with (sorry about the darkness of the photos, its winter and I don't have studio lights)...

The 'Milk Wash' was one of the three products sent to be by MooGoo, I use this to wash with and as a cream also! I do have to use cream to wash with usually, so this was really exciting to try out as its just something new that I can actually wash with (how I envy those who can use Soap and Glory products in the shower). The consistency of the milk wash is a very thin one, and is quite watery - but this is understandable as its supposed to be a wash! It really does not irritate my skin at all which is a HUGE plus (especially for me!) and it definitely does what it says, which is cleanse my skin in a really natural way. The product retails for £11.90 and can be purchased here, however you can buy all three of the products which were sent to me as part of the 'Skin Soothing Pack' which retails at £32.00.

The 'Soothing MSM Cream', MSM being 'Organic Sulfur', is a much thicker consistency than the Milk Wash. This cream really acts as a nourishing moisturiser and is an absolute life saver if you have dry skin. The product contains a number of natural ingredients which moisturise the skin in a healthy and perfumed-free way. I love using this on my arms and my face, as my legs don't suffer from skin problems. I still have loads of this product left as a little goes a long way and I have really enjoyed using it over the winter months to protect me from my skin drying out. I have the smaller size of this product (75g) which retails at £12.00, however the 270g bottle is only an extra £5.00 and I would definitely spend this amount of money for something which is actually going to look after my skin like this product does. 

I have also been using the 'Irritable Skin Balm', which is specifically designed for those with Eczema and Psoriasis. This product has been so good for when my skin inflames due to different weather temperatures, especially when the central heating is on which really isn't good for my skin! The product, which retails at £12.50, calms the skin, and does stop me from scratching as often as I usually do (which is a lot). 

I'm really pleased with the results from the range MooGoo gifted me, I am so happy to have found a product which doesn't affect my skin in a negative way. I've been testing these products for around two months now and they are still working for me so if you suffer with skin problems I would really recommend this brand. Make sure you follow MooGoo on their social media platforms, and as always mine are in the right hand side bar!

Happy New Year! Katherine x