Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Travel Inspiration...


Hi guys, I'm feeling super stressed out at the moment so what better way than to look at places I can't yet afford to visit at 00:53am. I don't usually blog at this time, my posts are most likely planned and not just 'thrown together' like this...but I'm just feeling bleeeurgh. I'm definitely getting a little bit worried about the whole university situation, I have absolutely and still do love uni but I just worry that the course is and isn't right for me. I love the professional, business-like and innovate thinking side to me - and that's where the course fits me perfectly. But, I have a lot of other aspects of my life too that I feel I haven't even thought about perusing and I'm just worried I'm wasting opportunities. Aaaah, I don't even know why I'm ranting as in a weeks time I'll probably be feeling perfectly fine and back to normal again, but you know when you just sit and think 'what am I actually doing with my life?' - that kinda thing. (Sorry, I don't usually get so personal on my blog, sometimes I just need to vent a little).

I've been thinking about travelling so much recently...I don't know what's got into me, but I've just got that wanderlust. I wanted to share some places I've always wanted to visit, kind of almost like a bucket list. I don't think I'll be able to visit any of these places anytime soon, probably not even within the next few years. Fingers crossed I'll be able to travel loooads after I've finished my degree.

These are the top three places I'd absolutely love to visit... 

1. Germany 

I must have been talking about visiting Germany forever now. I don't know what it is that fascinates me so much about the country and its culture. Its always been the number one place I've wanted to visit and I think it will be the first country I visit as soon as I'm able to. I can't decide which city I want to visit, as I've heard their all so different, but Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg are all top of the list. 

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European countries are so beautiful, and they are sooo different to England (in my opinion). I've always loved history, and I think that's contributed to my desire to travel.

2. Austria 


I think pretty much every photo I see of Austria is gorgeous, and of course it is the home to The Sound of Music so there's definitely not anymore convincing needed. 

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I've now got The Sound of Music stuck in my head...aaah I need to go here.

3. Amsterdam 

Amsterdam is another country I've always wanted to visit, its one of those places where you can tell the country from looking at a picture. Its unique, despite the fact its such a popular choice of destination, and it has a tonne of history. 

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I'll definitely feel like I've missed an opportunity if I never get to visit here.

I'm definitely feeling stuck in a bit of a rut, I've been in education pretty much my whole life. Don't get me wrong, I love learning and I'm so beyond grateful for the opportunities that comes with it - its just the repetitiveness of it all, same thing different day. I visited Poland last February and it was incredible. I was definitely overwhelmed by the country and I would love to go again (especially to see what its like in the summer) and appreciate the country even more.

The above are just a few photos from my trip last Feb. I always chose history over sunning myself on a beach (I don't ever get tanned, but thats not the point). I love going on holiday to explore the history and culture of a country, rather than just chill out - as I can easily do that in England (however, I might be saying different when I'm older). I'd love to visit Poland again, even more than just once. Hopefully in several years time I can read back this post and tick off all three. 

Do you have wanderlust? What are your top three destinations to visit? Are you as much as a history nerd as me?