Monday, 11 April 2016

What's in my Clutch | What I take on a Night Out

Hello! I thought I'd write a post about what I take with me on a typical night. I don't go out too much, I wouldn't say I'm the biggest partier (but thats probably because I take so many naps). I try not to take too much on nights out with me but I always seem to end up carrying everyone else's stuff, which I then spend the whole night constantly checking to see if I've lost anything. Before getting this new clutch I actually only had one (it seems to always be the one thing I forget to purchase), my black one which doesn't have a zip hence why I always check to see if something has fallen out. I'm in love with this Michael Kors Bedford Large Zip Clutch from Shopbopwhich is baby pink making it perfectly appropriate for summer. It also has card slots inside so I'm definitely not going to lose my cards on a night out, along with one large compartment which I can keep all my beauty 'essentials' together in one place. 

As a student, I definitely do not take my bank card on a night out especially now its coming to the end of first year and I'm pretty much broke (ah so devastating). Any way, lets get on to what I take on a night out with me. 

ID (Drivers License)

This is the first thing I make sure to put in my clutch bag, if I don't have my ID then I won't be going anywhere (apart from in the taxi back to my flat to get it, which has happened before). 

Student Card

I don't often use my student card on nights out -mostly because drinks are already discounted due to it being a student night in the first place - but, I always make sure I take it just incase there's any offers on. I just use my university student card which does actually have the NUS logo on the back of it, however I know it doesn't apply for all NUS discounts. I'm pretty sure and NUS card gets you discount in so many places and is only around £12.00 so I don't know why I still don't have one. 

Key Card

The last of the cards I promise! I always have to make sure I take my keycard or I'm simply going to be locked out. This hasn't actually happened on a night out before but the amount of times I've rang security because I've 'lost' my keycard is a little bit ridiculous - I'm becoming a regular. 


Like I said, I don't take my debit card with me so I always make sure I take out cash before I go on a night out. This puts a limit on my spending for the night and puts my mind at rest when I know my card is safe back in my flat (aah, sad I know). In Sheffield I only ever take around £10/£15 out with me, bearing in mind I've already purchased club tickets. Its sooo much easier living in the city for nights out as taxis are about £1 each way. 

Lip liner and Lipstick 

I've only recently been risking it with taking MAC lipsticks out, after losing one at a party last year (if you were there, you know I cried - cringe). I don't ever leave my lip liner or lipstick at the flat even if I forget to top up the whole night. Its not so bad if I have a nude lip, but if I'm wearing red and then drinking I know I need to take my lipstick with me or I just look like an absolute mess.


My hair brush is something I cannot live without, and probably the reason why my hair is so thin. I have a bit of a thing for brushing my hair as it goes so straggly and I can't stand it, so this actually is an essential or my hair will feel gross all night.

Chewing gum

I tend to buy chewing gum to break into a note in the shop a few hours before just so that I have change for the taxi (its like 40p). I don't take gum all the time, but its nice to have if I feel like I need to taste something which isn't alcoholic.

I don't actually take that much with me on a night out but I just thought it would be a short fun post about what's in my clutch bag! Do you go to university? What do you take with you on a night out? 


*This blog post is in collaboration with Shopbop (all opinions are my own)