Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Being Blonde | Let's Talk Toners

I've been 'blonde' for over two years now, so I've had my fair share of trialling about every single blonde toner on the market. If you have highlights, or blonde hair you'll know the struggles of removing brassy tones and keeping your hair fresh and ashy. Brassy tones have always been a problem with me when bleaching my hair, as I'm naturally a brunette and have had red dye in my hair from my younger years. 

A little bit of history - I started getting highlights about two years ago and have continued to do so up until a few weeks ago when I decided to just bleach the whole lot. Every time I've had my highlights touched up and re-done I've always had brassy tones and had to use toners, after about a week of using toning products my hair resumes to the usual ash blonde highlight look until I need to start again when my roots have grown out. I've tested so many different toners over the years, some I've been highly impressed with and will continue to use, and others less so. After bleaching my hair all over, my range of toning products were most definitely put to the test, but after really persevering it payed off - even if it is a difficulty to maintain sometimes.  

I'm going to write a post all about how I bleach and dye my hair so look out for that soon, but for now let's discuss my favourite picks for neutralising those brassy tones...

Bleach London White Toner Kit £7.00

Being the first toner I used, my loyalties always fall with Bleach London's White Toner each and every time I bleach my hair. Once my hair is bleached enough, I always use this straight after. Its my ultimate favourite because it isn't purple, so leaves your hair freshly white without any purple tones. The only downside? Its a single use product as its pretty similar to box dye, with the solution and developing cream to mix together - but it does last a good few weeks and its definitely worth it in my opinion. I haven't found a product that beats it in terms of taking the yellow tones out of your hair straight away after bleaching, not to mention the fact Bleach London are one of my favourite brands. 

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Iced Platinum Hair Toner £12.99

This is a recent addition to my collection, after seeing my best friend Megan using it time and time again. It is a little bit more pricey, but its multiple use and I'd say you can get about 6 uses out of it. I find this makes my hair that ashy that it can actually darken the blonde a little bit, so I have to be careful and not use it too much once my hair is toned but its my go-to product to use in the week following bleaching my hair. 

Jerome Russell B Blonde Silver Toner £4.99

This multiple use product is a little gem when it comes to toning, its only £4.99 and takes brassy tones out of the hair in one wash (this is subject to your hair). I'd like to try the platinum shade as thats my preferred colour over silver, but this definitely doesn't make my hair grey toned - more of a pale light silver which I love. 

Pro:voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo £3.19

I think just about everyone has heard of Provoke's 'Touch of Silver' Brightening Shampoo. This was the first silver shampoo I ever used and I've always been impressed with it, its inexpensive so you can't really go wrong and it effectively just does the same as a good toner but you're only supposed to leave it on for around 5-10 minutes. I'd say this one isn't too risky on turning your hair purple, but I wouldn't leave it on for any more than 20-30 minutes if you're wanting to avoid lilac streaks.

Bleach London Silver Shampoo £5.00 

Bleach London's Silver Shampoo is excellent for removing brassy tones and deep conditioning your hair at the same time. This product saturates my hair a lot more than Provoke's so I tend to only use it when washing my hair rather than leaving it in, and only once every two weeks - as it does make my hair more dark and grey toned.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Tone-Correcting Shampoo and Conditioner £5.99 

As far as shampoo and conditioner go, the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Tone-Correcting range are my absolute favourite. Not only does it keep the blonde fresh, but it just gives life to my hair. My hair lacks volume as it is, not to mention after washing it, so to find a good pair of products like these is an absolute god-send. I've never used a shampoo and conditioner that gives my hair more volume. 

Colour Freedom White Blonde Hair Toner £6.99

I actually love this toner, this is the one I use most frequently as a multiple-use product. I doesn't make my hair lilac at all and when I wash it out my hair resumes to its white blonde stage even when wet. I love the Colour Freedom range and I'm always impressed with their products so its definitely worth giving them a go - and they're inexpensive which is a huge bonus. 

ColourOn Toner Ice Cool Blonde £6.99

The ColourOn toner in 'Ice Cool Blonde' is also a pretty good product. I haven't used it that much yet as this is fairly new in my hair routine, but each time I have used it I've seen good results. If its left in too long, my hair does see a little bit of lilac but this is easily washed out and then my hair is a lovely white blonde again.

As far as toners and colour correcting shampoos go, they'll only work on blonde, pre-lightened or highlighted hair. I'm not a hair professional so all my tips are subject to my own experience, but seen as though I've been trialling and testing toners over around two years now I thought I may as well share my most used products with you. I'd love to hear what you use to keep your hair in good condition, and if you're blonde which products work best for you?