Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Sheffield's Best Pancake, Waffle and Coffee House: The Cabin

The Cabin is one of those places which you'll keep passing if you're a student in Sheffield on your way to uni and always say to yourself you need to visit - so do it. Honestly, I'd been saying it for ages everyday on my way to uni and I didn't visit until the end of my second year (what a waste of many potential trips I could have had there). Primarily a waffle and pancake house, The Cabin offers food at a reasonable price which will cure any sweet toothed cravings you've been having. If your preferences tend to be more savoury, like mine, then you can opt for one of the toasted bagels with toppings of your choice - I always opt for scrambled egg as its my all time favourite.

Along with the amazing food, comes amazing customer service. Every time I visit The Cabin I'm greeted with the friendlist of smiles from the staff and its always such a pleasant experience, and as a customer you're made to feel welcome in such a great atmosphere.

The interior of The Cabin is probably my favourite out of all the cafes in Sheffield, its style is suited for mountain and cabin lovers, with beautiful landscape photos and art displayed on the walls and throughout the house. Even the bathrooms are decorated true to the theme, its really impressive and something different to your average Costa or Starbucks (did I really just call Costa average? Ouch). 

You can read all about the story of how The Cabin was created here

So lets discuss the food and drink, I always love to have a coffee when I eat out so and as a coffee lover The Cabin are the one for good coffees - I'll either opt for a Flat White or an Americano. Tom always choses the pancake stack with blueberries, banana and maple syrup and trust me they're good, if I had a sweet tooth I'd definitely pick these every time (minus the banana as I'm not a fan). 

If you know me, you'll know I LOVE breakfast food and anything with egg in I'm basically there. This particular visit I had a toasted bagel with bacon, egg, tomato sauce and salad - this is definitely one of my favourite places to get breakfast in Sheffield and the best thing is that it is served all day aaaaah.

You can view the full menu here .

The Cabin also create fresh smoothies and milkshakes, I seriously need to get trying some myself and this is always Tom's job. I always chose the elderflower water, which is my favourite flavoured water, not every cafe/restaurant has elderflower water so this definitely tops the whole experience off.

I would 100% recommend The Cabin, its always on the top of my list when going out for breakfast/lunch in Sheffield and the friendly staff will always add to your experience - a smile goes a long way and will make you feel amazing. 

The Cabin is located on Fitzwilliam Gate (at the end of the Moor towards Ecclesall Road) - 20-24 Fitzwilliam Gate, Sheffield S1 4JH. Make sure you follow their social media here: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

This post is not sponsored I'm just a huge fan, and here to help when it comes to eating out in Sheffield as I'm a massive foodie lover. 

Have you ever visited The Cabin? Where is your favourite place to eat out in Sheffield?