Saturday, 25 January 2014

February Wishlist

Ok, so here is my wishlist for February 2014. Now, I am aware that this is a completely new blog, and therefore I am just getting the hang of blogspot again. As this is a completely fresh start for 2014, I am re-building up my blog from scratch - and yes starting with no followers! 
I've only selected a few things which I would like for myself for the next coming month, as I am a student (with no job - not really the best combination) & seen as though February is the month of love my finances are unfortunately tied up with Valentines day. However here are the few things (in my dreams) I would love to be mine.

1. Although I've listed these two clothing items as number one, they are infact two separate purchases - both from Topshop. As I have an upcoming 18th birthday party to attend, this is what I am hoping to be able to wear combined with a fitted blazer and statement bracelet. The bralet is Topshop's 'Mesh Panel Bralet' retailed at £18.00 which I believe to be such a bargain seen as though I paid £39.99 for a sequined version from Miss Selfridges last month. The skirt also retails at a reasonable decent price for Topshop at only £25.00 (and this is not a sale item!). The 'Asymmetric Wrap Mini Skirt' is neither jersey material or a plain bodycon style, therefore the price wows me as you would usually find a better quality Topshop skirt for around £40+. I adore the skirt as it can be dressed up for formal occasions such as parties, weddings, awards evenings yet can also be worn to school/college dressed down with plain black flats, tights and a knitted jumper - I have definitely found a stationary item for my wardrobe! 

2. The second item I feel is a necessity (well maybe not a need, but a extreme want) is the newly released Naked 3 palette. The palette retails at £37.00, and although not being a keen fan on the 'Naked Basics' palette, I have seen and heard great things about this product and therefore am willing to try it. The palette has 12 brand-new never seen before shades, and although I'm really not good at eyeshadow..AT ALL, I hope this can somehow make me a hell of a lot better at it.

3. This ring is beyond beautiful, and yes it is £70. Ridiculous for a ring when you can find a dupe for around £18 in Topshop, however as a gift this would be highly appreciated. (HINT HINT valentines day). Out of all of the rings in Pandora's silver collection, this is my favourite & it's down to the intricate detail and the pattern of the feather; I just think its such a perfect design which can provide so many meanings for a gift towards someone...ignore my soppyness I am the biggest sucker for romance ever - ask anyone.

4. Mango's Croc-Effect Tote Bag - I think this bag is one of my highest priorities on my wish-list for next month; I am in need of a new bag for school as my Franco Sarto bag which I have used for the past year is slowing visibly dying. For me, my favourite style of bag is a tote and I am a huge fan of the croc-skin look right now, also as many people know my favourite colour to wear/style is black. I will always go for the safeness of a black bag, LBD or heeled boots; also tip - black makes you look thinner, especially on your legs, so if you're paranoid about wanting to look thinner stick to darker clothes as an appose to lighter ones. This bag retails at £44.99 which for me, is rather expensive for a bag, however when it comes to this gorgeous tote I really do not care; I am in love.

5. Weirdly and annoyingly I am getting a bit bored of my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, and I am on the look out for a new high-end bronzer especially seen as though shortly it'll be Spring - my favourite season of the year. I've heard loads of bloggers/YouTubers talk about Dior's 'Diorskin Nude Tan Bloom Powder' & although at £37.00 is a high price for a bronzer, you get four different shades of blush within it and therefore it's basically paying £9.25 for a single Dior bronzer alone - bargain.

6. Currently, mint is my favourite colour and I just can't seem to get enough of it. Although I usually play it safe with a black leather jacket or a dark navy winter coat, I feel it is time to be brave and have a change. Also with Spring on the way, the pastel colour fits the upcoming season perfectly. (Mint Green Double Pocket Mohair Textured Coat - £54.99)

7. I already own 2 pairs of Joni Jeans from Topshop, and from my knowledge they do seem to be the most popular jeans of the 21st century. Currently I own the original navy ones, and the light blue ones; however I have wanted these acid grey ones for a really long time but haven't been able to justify the price for the jeans which wont go with everything. I've decided to start buying what I want now instead of overthinking it to the point I just never buy anything at all in the end. The Topshop Joni Jeans currently retail at £36, however depending on colour and pattern may stretch to £38.