Thursday, 20 February 2014

Affordable Fashion - Charity Haul

'Being fashionable comes at a price', this is a statement I often hear thrown around the school common room, or amongst many of my friends. Although this of course can be true, as even highstreet fashion shops such as Topshop, River Island, H&M etc are still very pricey. However you can still be fashionable on a small budget, I'm very lucky that where I live there are around 10 charity shops which I honestly find more exciting than going to Leeds shopping in Trinity. Of course its nice to buy expensive things every now and then, but who doesn't love a good bargain? Yesterday I went to my local charity shops and ended up buying numerous items for insane bargains - and when I saw bargains, I mean bargains.

The first thing I picked up was this beautiful blouse, in which my mum informed me is made by a designer brand 'Eastex' which is for older women (i.e women in their 60s). However, I thought it was beautiful, and the material is still in perfect condition. The shirt is almost sailor like which I like as it is another one of my favourite fashion trends. I got this for £3 which is amazing for a long sleeved blouse as you'd pay at least £30 for this in Topshop//Zara.

The second thing I bought was this pretty little structured vest top, for just £1! Amazing value for such a pretty vest top, this is particularly for summer however can be worn now with a cute little cardigan or blazer - perfect.

(I apologise for the quality of these photos) So I think this is my biggest bargain yet, Topshops Baxter Skinny Jeans..for £4?!?! They are the perfect fit (W25 & L30) and I adore the colour. I wouldn't have bought these from Topshop in this colour for £40 as I see buying Topshop jeans as a stationary item and would get them in a more plain colour, but at £4 I couldn't go wrong.

As you all may know, I'm a huge fan of tartan and especially when it's printed on a skirt. I got this for £1.50 - amazing. It is exactly the same material and structure as the one I recently purchased for £15 in H&M; however I won't lie this was from the kids section in one of the charity shops and is size 'age 11 years'.. well perks of being small.

This was another cute purchase at a bargain, just £3 for a piece of Zara knitwear. The material is thick and not flimsy at all, it's the perfect fit and I've been looking for a cute white jumper for a long time, and the fact it's from Zara makes me even happier.

I love this, this was also £3 (originally from M&S - not sure of the prices for a jumper there), these pastel colours are really in this year and this is just a nice lose fitted jumper which can go with jeans, or a pleated skirt with a nice classy spring coat..aah I love it.

I got this cute pinafore for £1, which is amazing because I've been wanting one similar from for ages which costs £20. This is originally from Primark although with it being quite expensive now I'd expect to see something like this for around £12-£15. I like this, it's very cute & very 'me'.

The last thing I got was this tartan shirt, this was £3.50 and goes so well with the burgundy Topshop jeans I bought. It's one of those tops you can just throw on and still look fashionable and goes well with anything - dressed up or dressed down.

So, do you believe fashion comes at an expensive price? Leave your comments below, hope this helped some people out, I think everyone should visit their local charity shops V soon