Saturday, 1 February 2014

Mini Haul - February 2014

(Contains images which are not my own)

It's only the 1st of February and I've already spent the majority of my you can tell when it gets to allowance day (today) I am eager to hit the shops straight away as I have been emotionally and physically deprived from spending. QUICK DISCLAIMER : My allowance is something I receive of my parents as they don't buy me my clothes, shampoos, toothbrushes etc - this is in aim to teach me the lesson of 'budgeting'...although it has failed. Anyway, although I feel guilty for spending way too much money on just a few things today, I am sticking to my new years resolution which is to 'spend without overthinking things'; so without further ado..

 When it comes to MAC, it is my biggest shopping weakness. However saying this my foundation had completely run out and I was making do with No7 ones which didn't supply me with much coverage. As MAC is well known for coverage I headed there to pick up MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW15 and their Studio Fix Plus Foundation in NW25. The girl serving me was absolutely beautiful and very helpful, although it was extremely busy and I did have to wait half an hour for a foundation match.

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation - £25.00

MAC Studio Fix Plus Foundation - £21.50

This little beauty is a purchase I made regarding my new years shopping resolution, at £14.99 I found this a bargain as it would be double the price in TOPSHOP. This is H&M's 'pleated skirt' in TARTAN, although as I did not photograph this myself (due to my camera breaking and iPhone camera being rather insufficient), I found the photos on H&M's website...this was where I found the skirt was in the SALE for £8.00 and this did not make me happy. Ah well though, pleats are in this fashion season and I need to steer away from the safe choice of joni jeans and a cropped jumper and make my way into the fashion world!

Although I didn't pick these items up on my mini spree today, my ASOS delivery was waiting for me when I came back (creating the illusion in my head I bought more stuff today than I actually had). The black crop top is from ASOS PETITE's range and was only £8.00, although expensive for a crop top of jersey material I can now see why as the material is very good quality which satisfied my expectations. The skirt I bought in the sale for £12.00, and is the 'ASOS Mini Skirt in Crepe with Zip Front'. However sadly I have to return this it is too long for me, I should have known to buy skirts from the petite range too. Although the quality of the skirt is good & I would recommend this to anyone who isn't as small as me.

Hope you enjoyed my mini haul, I am in no way trying to show off at all but I just thought it would be nice as a first haul; thankyou - Katherine x