Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Anniversary Gift Guide for Him

I thought it would be nice to do a gift guide post this week, and for the taken girlies out there this is perfect for you. Although, if you're single and have a male best friend and would like to celebrate your friendship with him, this is also a great idea for you. 

1. Well, what man doesn't like chocolate? I'm pretty sure almost everyone of them does, so if you're one of those girls who isn't very good at buying for boys but still wants to splash out abit, why not try Thornton's Continental Chocolatiers Tasting Collection ? At £19.99 you really can't go wrong with three boxes in one & amazing quality chocolates too which I'm sure won't go to waste.

2. Hallmark's 'Our Anniversary Scrapbook Photo Upload Card' is perfect if you just want to show your love in a minimalist way. Although it is just a card, you can personalise both the photos and the message inside and out! It's a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary if you aren't the 'present-type' couple - and only £2.99!

3. Aaaah..the true British colours of red, white and blue. Calvin Klein boxers are a classic must-have when it comes to buying your boyfriend/fiance/spouse underwear - this gift set is only £27.20 which if you ask me, is good value for your money, and if your budget is only £30 you can still pop in a cute card and some confetti, perfect all round?

4. If you're really wanting to break your purse then what better to spend it on than an Armani Jeans Classic Wallet? Yes it's £100.00 exactly, but what man doesn't need a new wallet in his life? Especially so he can store his spending money for you in there..selfish present on the cards!

5. Now, this is one of those presents you'd class one of the 'romantic' ones - a customized mug.  Although cliche, every man enjoys at least one hot drink and there is no way anyone can have enough mugs in their life. At £8.00 these are perfect as you can add up to four photos & your own personal message. Also checkout the other personalised gifts Moonpig has to offer, they're all great value for money and you can find something for everyone there.

6. I won't lie, Millies Cookies are genuinely worth the money they are. I've baked my own homemade one before, and although it was insanely gorgeous, it still had nothing on the originals. £14.99 for complete deliciousness & of course I'm sure your boyfriend will share with you so again it's kind of a present to share - what more could you want on your anniversary?

7. Of course, every man needs a new shirt - especially if you're going out to celebrate. This check shirt from ASOS at only £20.00 is fab for a smart-casual look and every guy looks nice in a shirt so it's definitely a good purchase. 

8. Like any couple, I am sure at least once there's been arguments over how much cover is taken up by the other person, or who has the most pillows. Now with these pillow cases, no more arguments are needed! For £29.75 you'll be able to sleep peacefully with the 'My Side, Your Side Pillow Cases' by CUSHIONS COVERED - I personally think this a great present for both you and your partner.

9. 'Getting Personal' have so many unique personalised gifts, and this was my favourite. The 'Places Notebook'  is only £8.99 and you can write anything on it which relates to your relationship - maybe inside jokes or memories you've had together? Either way it's cute and simple and a present which will be kept forever.

10. Wow..if you're smell senses are correct then you WILL love this aftershave. I bought this for my boyfriend for our one year anniversary last May and it is still my absolute favourite. You have to smell this as I just can't explain it in anyway to be able to justify how incredible it smells. Bleu de Chanel is by far the nicest scent out there for Men..they need to bring out a female version (if there isn't already one?!). 

11 & 12. Clinique are an excellent brand and I'll be honest with you, I didn't even know they made for men. With these two products you could create your own giftset for your partner, great idea and ofcourse will be well used - especially if your boyfriend loves to look after his skin. 

Clinque Skin Supplies for Men - Age Defense for Eyes 15ml 
Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Post Shave Healer 75ml 

I hope you found this gift guide useful in some way, what will you be buying for your partner? Any special occasions coming up soon? Let me know - xxxx