Monday, 31 March 2014

Rouge Edition Lipstick by Bourjois

I'll start this post with a quick apology as I haven't posted in a week, unfortunately last week was a rather busy one for me. I've also recently started learning to drive, which for me I'm finding quite stressful! However, last Thursday I purchased one of Bourjois' little beauties from their Rouge Edition Lipstick collection. I've seen the velvet ones featured on Emtalks and would also love to try those out! But for now, I'm going to do a quick post on this classic red lipstick. 

I chose the shade no. 10 (Rouge Buzz) as this was the colour I was particularly looking for. Although being a lipstick hoarder, I've never seemed to purchase the 'classic red' which would be a staple product for any night out, so I'm very happy that I sorted that little problem out.

The product was easy to apply, which was brilliant as I find when applying bold colours from MAC you have to be very careful when outlining your lips. The lipstick is a 'glossy finish', which is different from my usual preference of matte however I found this worked well as I complimented it which matte eye shadow colours (Urban Decay's Naked Basics) and a matte bronzer (MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural). Although a beautiful shade, the consistency let me down as I had to keep re-applying and touching up my lips throughout the night I was out. I would most likely recommend this product for something such as dance shows or photo shoots as it is less obvious to having to keep touching up during activities similar to those. 

Overall, despite the consistency, I did like the product and particularly because of the shine finish. Also, as I'm sure you know I am a sucker for packaging and I think the packaging of the product is very classy (winning!).

You can Bourjois Rouge Edition in Rogue Buzz 10 for £7.99 in Superdrug here

I hope you all enjoyed that quick post, have you tried this lipstick or any in the same collection? What were your thoughts?