Monday, 3 March 2014

Spring Wishlist

1. MAC lipstick in 'Rose Lily' £15.00 - I think this is a gorgeous light pink perfect for Spring, and its not pastel overkill. I think this is a perfect lipstick for subtleness if you are going for a natural makeup look, although I do think it'd also look amazing with a dark smokey eye. 

2. Moto Baby Blue Mom Jeans (Topshop) £40.00 - I really want to try some mom jeans as they seem to be the 'in thing' at the moment, however I am nervous as I'm petite and I'm not sure whether they'd look right on me - although fashion is all about risk taking right?

3. Lily Tartan Pinafore Dress ( £20.00 - I've wanted a pinafore in this style for quite a while, and as tartan is one of my favourite prints (as you all know) I thought this was the perfect little dress for me. I adore the green and navy colours together as it's different from your usual red, and I am currently loving the whole 'school girl' look alot.

4. Saffiano-Effect Shopper Bag (MANGO) £29.99 - This bag is beautiful, for a large bag in such a gorgeous white you can't go wrong at this price. Such a bargain, I am definitely hoping to pick this up before it goes out of stock.

5. Chain and Link Necklace (Zara) £15.99 - I love this necklace, I've been looking for a chunky chain one for a while now, and seen as though I can't decide between silver and gold..why not have both? I wouldn't usually like the idea of wearing both silver and gold together however theres something about the simplicity of this necklace which makes it work.

6. Cropped Shirt (Zara) £29.99 - I am really into shirts//blouses at the moment and this plain white one from Zara is beautiful; this is one of the items I really want but probably will not buy as £29.99 for a plain white shirt is quite a bit of money.

7. NARS Blush in Orgasm £21.50 - Aaaah, the cult product which I still do not own. As cliche and unsuprinsing this is to be on my wishlist, I've never heard a bad review about the compact. I think its finally time I give into my everyday look of bronzer and purchase a blusher, especially the biggest talked about one out there.

8. VIBRANT Tumbled Ballerinas in MINT (Topshop) £16.00 - As small as I am, I really fancy some cute ballet shoes for spring//summer. Mint is one of my favourite colours at the moment, I think its the most gorgeous pastel colour going, and at £16.00 it's not bad at all for Topshop.

9. Hoola Bronzing Powder by Benefit £23.50 - I've wanted this for a while now, I've heard so many good things about the quality of this product and I am a big fan of the packaging as unlike MAC it can't be smashed (I'm used to smashing my MAC products, accidently of course).

10. Plume Leotard//Camisole P53 ( £13.95 - Although the photo shows red, I am wanting to get this in black. After learning to do pointe work while taking part in Phantom Of The Opera as a member of the Corps de Ballet i'd really like to pursue my dancing more, and a new leotard will definitely get me in the mood.

11. Pink Tartan Mini Skirt (Select) £6.00 - This isn't even a sale item, I honestly can't believe how nice the clothes are in Select and for pretty much cheaper prices from Primark. I can't believe this skirt is only £6.00, I'm absolutely in love with it and it will definitely be one of my Spring purchases.

12. Mint Green Crop Waffle Jumper (Select) £10.00 - A knitted cropped jumper in my favourite colour for £10.00?!?! Like I said Select has been an amazing re-discovery for me, and what's even better is that on you can get 15% off.

13.  Small Shiny Croc Clutch (Whistles) £40.00 - I adore Whistles, their designs are so simple and classy I just can't get enough. If only this would come into my life sooner, I love croc pattern I think its classy if worn//dressed correctly. I could do with a new clutch bag as I only seem to have purses and large bags and nothing in between which would be suitable for a night out//party.

Hope you enjoyed my wishlist for this Spring, what's on yours? Would love to know, 
leave comments below.

Have a great day x