Monday, 24 March 2014

Summer Must-Have: Lee Stafford Babe Sea Salt Spray

If you're looking to have natural beachy hair in Summer then this product is for you 100%. Although Summer is a few months away, it is still respectively close with what only 3/4 months left to go? I will be honest, I am definitely more of a Winter girl than a Summer one, I don't take to hot weather well and its particularly because I don't catch a tan...yes it does suck to be me sometimes.

However, after owning this product for over a year now and still being in my first bottle, I thought it was only fair I told you about this little pink gem. I'd say that Lee Stafford is a well-known and respect brand within the hair styling industry, and their products always have great reviews. Although this is the only one I have tried so far, and to be honest I really need to get stuck into their brand as this has treated me so well the past year. 

The product itself claims to provide you with 'beach babe waves', which I think creates the same image in everyone's mind when thinking about it. I didn't think that this would actually make my hair either wavy or volumised - however it DID both. 

All you need to do is dry your hair using a towel until it's damp, and then spray a bit on each part of your hair and you're done; within the next hour your hair is already transformed into natural waves for the typical summer beach girl look. I can't justify how legit my comments are on this product, but I can honestly say I am not just saying it & every word is the complete truth.

At only £7.99 you really can't go wrong for a brilliant working product which will last you all year round. You can find it here in Boots