Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Makeup Mishaps Tag

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I've just been tagged by Meg to do the Makeup Mishaps Tag, and I won't lie I saw this tag and had really wanted to do it so was rather happy when I got the tweet from Meg saying she'd tagged me in it. The tag was originally created by Becca, who's blog is amazing so you should definitely give it a read. These questions have proved quite hard to answer however, so here goes..

Have really thick, sharpie like eyebrows or a major neck/foundation line?  
Foundation line - although they're awful, I already despise my eyebrows enough to even want to think about them looking even worse than they do on a day-to-day basis. Also, due to being very pale and never tanning, usually the lightest shade of foundations are still to dark for me so I'm used to blending in lines and powdering my neck with bronzer...yeah nice look.

Have chipped nail polish or horribly faded lipstick?
Although I take good care of my nails, although they're weak at the moment and are prone to snapping *cry*, I would definitely rather have chipped nails than faded lipstick. I hate how I can't wear lipstick to school as from eating and drinking in the canteen it just ends up leaving a line around your lips, as if you just have lip liner around them - the clown look is never fabulous.

Have smudged all your eye makeup or have lipstick on your teeth?
I think I would rather have smudged eye makeup as you can easily make an excuse for that, for example crying or being tired I guess? Whereas lipstick on your teeth is just embarrassing.

Over highlight- a la disco ball- or over pluck those brows and look completely surprised?
Well, I made the mistake of over-plucking my eyebrows when I was about 11 and they haven't grown back since, who knew such a minor error six years ago could impact the way I look now?! I'd definitely rather over-highlight as you can always just get rid of it by using makeup wipes, whereas if you pluck your eyebrows (like I learned the hard way) they're probably never going to grow back.

It's a typical working/school day, and unfortunately your beauty products have gone missing. You can only find a few things hidden at the bottom of your makeup bag, and have to use what you can find. What do you choose?
100 % an eyebrow brush and pencil as leaving the house with my natural eyebrows would make me want to wear a bag over my head all day - slight exaggeration I know but it's true. Of course Mascara as I have tiny eyes so I'd need them to be slightly more opened, and then probably Vaseline to keep my lips moisturised. 

OTT unsubtle fake lashes or clear mascara?
Clear mascara, I think any girl would opt for this..unsubtle eyelashes are probably the worst makeup look a girl could have.

A foundation five shades too dark or five shades too light?
I agree with Meg on this one, there's really no way around it - so five shades lighter as you could warm it up with powder and bronzer.

Hair-gloss (a beautifully sticky gloss: perfect for getting your hair stuck to in the wind) or gorgeous concealer lips?
I cannot stand hair-gloss, it's the most annoying thing ever! But I'd take hair-gloss over concealer lips any day.

Finally, it's the middle of summer - you can have either a manicure or a pedicure. However, the other set of nails have to be bare - what do you pick?
Although it's summer, the time when your feet are likely to be out the most, I'd still rather have a perfect manicure than pedicure!

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers xxxx
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