Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Few Drugstore Products

Just a little quick post, the other day I picked up a few MUA products from Superdrug. MUA were originally a makeup line with products at only £1 - bargain. Although some of their products aren't the best, some are genuinely very good so it's always worth trying them as their prices are very inexpensive. 

Firstly I picked up their 'Heaven and Earth' eyeshadow palette, for just £4! All the colours are cool and warm neutral shades, which will all work well as staple eyeshadows for everyday makeup looks.

Secondly I chose one of their 'Blush Perfections', this one is a cream blush (in the shade 'Dolly') which I find works best for my skin type. It's such a beautiful peachy and natural colour as well.

I also picked up one of their eyebrow pencils as I've been using the Naked Basics palette to do mine recently and wanted a change. For only £1 you can't really go wrong, especially when the pencil comes with an eyebrow brush as an added bonus. I chose a lip pencil as well in the shade 'Red Drama' which I thought was good as it came with a pencil sharpener and I've been in need of one for my makeup pencils for a while.

Lastly, although not MUA, I purchased this pretty baby blue nail paint by BarryM in the shade 'Huckleburry'. It is from their 'High Shine' line which I love the finishes off, however they take FOREVER to dry.

Have you tried any of these products? Whats your opinion on MUA?