Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Date Day | Tropical World

Everyone now and again its important to spend time with someone important to you in your life. This post is different from my usuals, but I haven't done a lifestyle post in a while. When you've been with someone for a long time its easy to get stuck in a repeated pattern of doing the same things weekly, watching movies and munching out on takeouts and by doing something completely different it makes you realise the importance of your relationship. Tropical world may seem a random place for a date, however personally I think fun is key when going for a day date and like I said - it's something different. My boyfriend Tom and I went to Tropical World // Roundhay Park on our second date which is coming up to two years ago now, so we thought we would revisit as it is such a nice place. Here are some photos from what we got up too...


 My Panorama photography skills.

 Baby Croc

& Roundhay Park...

Happy Bunnies

Overall we both had a really good day, if you live in or near Leeds it'd be a good idea to visit both Tropical World and the park at Roundhay. The gardens are all so pretty and Tropical World isn't a bad price for it's value!