Sunday, 27 April 2014

Foundation | No7 Instant Radiance Foundation Review

Today I'm going to be reviewing No7's 'Instant Radiance' foundation, as you can see from the above photo I've nearly used mine all up so just from that you can see I think this foundation is a decent product. The name 'Instant Radiance' itself provided high expectations for me and as I have dry/normal skin I wanted a product to give my skin a dewy but light finish. This foundation retails at £12.50 in Boots which isn't a bad price considering it does last a long time and doesn't need to be re-purchased every few months. Again, I'm going for an in-depth review as personally I read reviews when they're more detailed and explain everything needed to know about a product before I buy it.

I love the smell of No7's foundations, they all seem to have the same smell (from the ones I've tried anyway) which smells very moisturising and almost like a chemist but it's not strong and in your face its a very nice 'dainty' smell, and quite the contrast from the strong plastic smell of MAC foundations. Because the packaging is made from plastic, it makes it so much easier to carry around in your handbag and great for travelling - also if you ever drop your handbag/makeup bag you're positive it wont smash. One thing I definitely have to congratulate No7 for is the fact that all the product gets used up, as you can see from the above photo the product which is left in my bottle is right at the top. This is because as your gradually use up the foundation, what is left rises to the top of the packaging so every last bit is used up. I think it is such a good feature to the product because you don't waste half the product you pay for, which always happens to me with L'oreal foundations. Also, the pump is definitely an easy applicant and doesn't give you too much product therefore again none is wasted! Personally I apply to my hand and then take a foundation/stippling brush to apply it to my face.

The foundation itself is light to medium coverage, however I would definitely say it is on the lighter side. When applied to your face it initially gives a dewy finish, which the name Instant Radiance would suggest. However I find over a few hours it does dry matte, especially if you are using a translucent or coloured powder as a second layer. I'm allergic to lanolin which is in products such as E45, most perfumes and some self-tanners and therefore with makeup I do have to be slightly careful in whether something will irritate my skin. But this foundation claims to be 'hypo-allergic' and a 'radiant boost for tired/stressed skin' - it definitely is moisturising and an overall health foundation for your skin.  

I don't find it gives me that 'flawless' look and I wouldn't ever wear this out to a party or special occasion, however it is great for spring/summer as it is such a light coverage and feels weightless on your face. The product is also SPF15 which would be ideal for a holiday abroad as it will protect your face from redness and burning, however if you are being photographed at all it may provide a tiny bit of flashback just because it does contain an SPF. Having said its a good product for summer holidays, I also think it would be well suited for winter holidays such a skiing, due to it being a moisturising foundation it can prevent skin drying and breakouts, which is always a good thing!

I have this foundation in the shade 'Cool Vanilla', the only thing I would say about No7 foundations is they do have pink/beige undertones as an oppose to yellow ones and therefore aren't the best when it comes to colour correcting which I think its why the coverage is so light. I do recommend trying their foundations as a base though as they are genuinely really healthy for your skin.

I think this foundation works for me because of my skin type, No7 are brilliant for skin types they have foundations suited from very dry skin to the oiliest of skins, and even have moisturising sets specified for whichever skin type you have. However I don't think this particular product would work for people with oily skin types as it would just slide of the face especially in humid/hot weather. I would definitely buy this again, especially if I was going away somewhere and wanted a light coverage and healthy looking foundation. The product is great value for money particularly because of the way the packaging is designed and therefore you get everything you pay for!

Have you ever tried this product of any of No7's other foundations? What are
your opinions?