Tuesday, 8 April 2014

MUA Eyeshadow Palette 'Heaven and Earth' First Impressions

As promised, here is my post on my first impressions of the MUA 'Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette'. Recently it's been difficult to establish the right balance between revision (dull) and blogging, and although blogging is something which I adore doing, my AS levels unfortunately have taken over on my 'priority' list. Hopefully I'll be able to post weekly over the next few months but as soon as summer comes I am really hoping to keep up with the consistency of my blog. Anyway, enough of the dull stuff and onto the product review!

As you may have seen in my previous post, I recently picked up a few MUA products from my local Superdrug and this gem was one of them. Finding an eye shadow palette for just £4 isn't something you see very often these days, and I've been looking for some new shades for a long time but everything just seems to expensive, especially when like me, you don't have a job. I won't lie, when I bought this product I was a little bit skeptical as to whether it would actually be any good, as the price of £4 seems just to good to be true right? 
I chose the 'Heaven and Earth' palette as I am a sucker for neutral tones and colours, even when I go out to parties I will also chose warm bronze colours over a black smokey eye, although I am aware I need to take more risks when it comes to my eye makeup. I thought this palette would be perfect for me as I can use it both for school and everyday looks as well as when I'm dolling myself up. 

The palette comes with 12 beautiful shades which are all 'frost' finishes (in other words 'shimmer'), although usually I tend to buy matte eye shadows, I've surprisingly found that these actually work better for me and compliment my eyes a lot more. Some shades are more shimmery than others however I wouldn't classify any of them as matte. The colours range from light creams and beiges to warm taupes, golds and bronzes, all of the colours compliment each other and go perfectly well together. I actually prefer this to my Naked Basics palette as I find the products blend much nicer together than those of the Naked palette, this is just my personal opinion - what's yours?

Another thing which highly impressed me was their consistency throughout the day. Usually staying power of cheap products isn't brilliant and some of their products such as their £1 lipsticks aren't great for it and therefore I wasn't expecting great things. These eye shadows were the complete opposite of what I imagined them to be, they stay on for a good 12 hours if not more! Even the other day when I went babysitting they were still perfectly on just how I had applied them 14 hours ago in the daytime. 

(Below are swatches - my skin colour is fair/light)

I honestly can't rave about this product any more than I have done. The only downside to it is the eyeshadows don't have names, although this isn't really that much of a problem I just think it would be nice! For £4 these palettes are incredible value for money, especially in comparison to the Naked palettes which are £38 for the same amount of shades. I am 100% going to buy all of their eyeshadow palettes with high expectations and I am sure I won't be let down. 

You can buy this from MUA's own website, from your local Superdrug or Superdrug Online however they are currently out of stock on MUA Store so I would recommend just going into your local drugstore. 

Have you ever tried any of MUA's products? If so, which do you like?
Ever tried this palette? What are your opinions? Do you love this product 
as much as I do?