Saturday, 19 April 2014

Top 5 | Spring and Summer Lipsticks

Hello lovlies, I've been wanting to start a bloggers series for a while now and have decided that 'Top 5' would be a good choice as it can include all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle. My first is my top five lipsticks for spring. Lipstick is probably one of my favourite makeup items to purchase, I can never seem to stop buying them as I will always chose lips for a statement over eyes. I've chosen a mix of drugstore and high end as I know some people aren't willing to splash out on products they're only going to use every once in a while.

(Ignore the lighting which changes the colour of my hands in every photograph)

The first is 'Faux' by MAC which is a mauve pink satin finish. I think satin finishes are really nice for spring as they don't seem to look too heavy and are buildable to your preference. I find that matte lipsticks are quite drying for warm weather and also too bold - although saying this you'll still see me wearing dark colours on my lips as its within my comfort zone (weirdly). This lipstick is easy to apply and glides on so you can use it pretty much if you're in a rush and want to add a bit more to a neutral makeup look. I bought this around a year ago although it is still available to buy from counters and MAC's website retailing at £15.00.

As you can see its well used and nearly run out, it is No7's Classic Rose 55. I would describe the tone of this lipstick as warm although it is a light shade of pink, and I would definitely say it has slight orange/coral undertones as you can see from the swatch above. I find the finish of this similar to cremesheen one's by MAC as it's very creamy and an easy applicant! Although Pixiwoo's Sam Chapman says lipsticks should never be worn without a lip liner I beg to differ with this product as you can still create a full lip with it. Its staying power is long lasting is well which is an added bonus for a drugstore product. I'm not 100% sure but I believe these are discontinued now (unhelpful I know sorry) but I do want to point out No7's 'Stay Perfect Lipstick' range has a shade named Classic Rose, which I am about to mention, so don't get those two mixed up!
 (Awful photo quality - I aplogise)

My next favourite shade for spring is Vegas Volt by MAC. I adore this lipstick and think it is perfect for spring and summer due to the orange undertones. It's definitely more of a coral than a red however you can still get away with matching it to a bright red dress or shoes. This is my only MAC lipstick with an Amplified Creme finish and I'm not sure why as I think they're so easy to apply and finish with such a creamy fresh look. Although it's such a bright shade it's versatile and will go with so many different outfits - I find it looks gorgeous with floral outfits! Again this retails at £15.00 the same as all the lipsticks in the MAC 'lipstick' range.

I mentioned this lipstick in a recent post in March which you can read here, it is Bourjois' Rouge Edition Lipstick in shade 10 which is a classic bright red. Although I am featuring this in my top five lipsticks for spring, I think this is an all-rounder and can be worn in any season. I love this product it's great for nights out however it does need topping up. I'd say out of all these five lipsticks this is the one which would be classed more as an 'evening spring' lipstick. It retails at £7.99 and can be bought in either Superdrug, Boots or on the Bourjois website. 

Finally number 5 out of my favourite lipsticks for spring is No7's Stay Perfect Classic Rose - which I believe is the updated shade of the previous one I mentioned. I'm not usually a huge pink lip fan, but I find this suits a very neutral eye, lightweight foundation and barely any contouring. I think I just prefer darker more 'different' lipsticks and therefore don't usually opt for the 'girlier' ones. No7 claim this lipstick is hydrating, however I find it's quite matte and drying on my lips. However saying this is it is a beautiful shade for spring and like Vegas Volt by MAC goes well with floral prints. No7's Stay Perfect Lipsticks retail at £9.75 (in my opinion I think No7 is becoming more of a high-end cosmetic brand), and can be bought in Boots here.

I hope you liked the first of my 'Top 5' series, if you have any requests on what
you would like to see me write about for this series leave comments down below. 
Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Which lipsticks do you recommend for