Sunday, 20 April 2014

Why I don't like the Bourjois 'Chocolate Bronzer'

This is probably going to come as a shock to most of you as Bourjois' 'Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder' is one of the most talked about drugstore products on blogger and Youtube. Currently Tanya Burr is absolutely raving about this product however my opinions are the complete opposite of hers (I do still love you though Tanya)! First of all I just want to start by saying that these are completely my own opinions which I thought I would share with you all as reviews are something I would like to do more frequently, I'm not saying don't buy this product as it may work for you. In advance I apologise as this is going to be a slightly in-depth review but I want to put across my opinions in the best possible way and hopefully tell you all about my experiences with this product if you're looking to make it your next purchase.

I got this as a birthday present from one of my bestfriends as part of the Bourjois Limited Edition Bronze Up Makeup Kit from ASOS which has now been reduced for £17.00 to only £13.00. It was a great present to receive as you got five of Borjois' products for around the price of two, and apart from the kabuki brush I adore everything else! When buying this product on its own it retails at £6.99, which all in all isn't bad for a bronzing powder however I would not re-purchase this and would rather spend double the amount on a bronzing powder from No7 or a more expensive brand. To say this is one of Bourjois' most famous products, I was surprised I didn't get on with it.

There are a few things I like about it before I start with the negatives though, firstly it does smell really nice, not like chocolate but it has sort of a 'welcoming' 'homely' smell about it which is a positive as it smells a lot nicer than most of MAC's face products. Secondly, I admire it for the packaging which is unbelievably cute. It reminds me of an old fashioned story book from the way it is laid out (see above photo), this is proven by the detail of the inside cover and the font used - both of which I love. The packaging itself is sleek and compact and small enough to fit in your pocket, therefore it is good for travelling and as a handbag makeup item. The opening is magnetic much like the Naked 1 palette by Urban Decay and does fasten shut properly securing the product inside. 

As you can see from the above photo the Bourjois product claims to 'enhance your beauty' and 'boost your complexion', although cosmetic brands are allowed to make false claims on their products so that they sell it was a let down when I found this did not happen on my skin, especially after the huge hype about the bronzing powder itself. The Bourjois Kabuki Powder Brush created to use with this product doesn't give the finishing effect desired as it isn't at all soft. The brush doesn't shed but it feels heavy on your face and doesn't blend product into your skin and I don't like it at all. 

From my first impressions of this product, I won't lie I did actually like it and a lot of my friends have said that they got on with it at first but as they used it more and more it started to become a worse product. I think this is due to the top layer of the powder being highly pigmented and not carrying through throughout the product. From looking at my powder in its current state I can tell the top layer has been worn down and it barely gives any pigmentation when applied on my skin. I thought at first this may be to do with the colour and maybe my shade was too light, however my version of the product is actually in the shade 'medium/dark' which is far from what my skintone is as when chosing foundation I am usually '100 Ivory' and 'nw15' in MAC. The fact that this is made for people with darker skin than me seems slightly worrying to me as it will not show up on their skintone. 

(I did have to use a lot of product to get this swatch to show up)

The finish of this product looks like matte when in its packaging, but actually has silver reflexes and therefore turns up slightly shimmery when applied to the face which I don't think works for 'dry/normal' skin types (which I am). I think as well this is another reason why the product doesn't work for me as its very drying on my skin and doesn't look like a natural contour. Its staying power is around 5/6 hours which is fine for school however it does wear off and need topping up throughout the day.

I wouldn't recommend this product if you have dry/combination/normal skin as it didn't at all work for me and I thoroughly moisturise every day and night, and before I apply my makeup. I would say if you have oilier skin then maybe purchasing this product may not be so bad for you and it may appear more blended and natural on the face as it's quite matte and drying despite the reflexes of silver it holds.

All in all for me I wouldn't buy this product again and it isn't something I use regularly. I apologise to my friend who bought this for me, however she does share the same opinions so its not all that bad! Although it seems as if I have completely slated Bourjois I am always 100% honest when reviewing products whether they are PR or bought by myself and the reason for this is because I want people to know my honest opinions on my favourite and least favourite products and how they work for me. 

I would like to receive comments on this review as I know so many people love this bronzing powder and maybe some of you can tell me how best to apply it. Its strange to me as so many people love it, maybe its just me, who knows. 

Have you ever tried this product? What are your thoughts?
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