Saturday, 17 May 2014

MAC Lipstick | Media

Last month I won the lovely Jaynie Shannon's MAC lipstick giveaway, I was so shocked as I'm not used to winning things ever so I was insanely happy, especially because it was a MAC lipstick of my choice. Anyone who knows me well will know that I tend to go for bold colours on my lips instead of eyes, it has just been something I have always done as a huge lipstick junkie. I'm awful at following makeup trends, I do wear corals, reds and oranges in summer but you'll still see me wearing deep reds and purples most of the time - although they're 'autumn/winter' colours they just seem to always be on my lips. If any of you are familiar with 'Media' then you'll know this probably isn't a summer shade whatsoever, but hey ho I still decided to select this shade as it is genuinely just 'me'.

MAC lipsticks retail at £15.00, so I was pretty happy to get this in my makeup bag free of charge! As you can see the swatches look somewhat different to what you see from first glance, but this is only because its a close up of the colour itself. As for pigmentation, it's beautiful. For some reason I seemed to think 'Media' was a matte finish, and I was pleasantly surprised to see 'satin' on the packaging when I opened it. I really struggle applying matte lipsticks from MAC as I find they kind of tug at your lips and are really hard to line your lips with. I'm glad this is a satin finish because it is so easy to apply, and it is also buildable as you can see from the top swatch (one swatch) and the swatch below it (three swatches built up), this is perfect as it can be worn all year round. Despite the shade clearly being for more autumn/winter days, one layer of this with a coat of Vaseline will look pretty in summertime too - win win situation and is it just me or do MAC lipsticks have the most gorgeous vanilla scent ever? I'm very grateful to win the give away, please go check out Jaynie's blog. Hope you are having a good May x

Have you tried this lipstick in this shade? What do you think of MAC lipsticks?