Sunday, 4 May 2014

Mini Drugstore Beauty Haul | May 2014

Every girl needs a good beauty shopping trip once in a while right? I'm usually stingy with money, and although I desperately need (or should I say want) half the things from Superdrug or Boots, I never seem to end up buying them. Yesterday I went into Leeds with my mum, stupidly I wore a jumper and blazer which was not good seen as though it was absolutely boiling - and for those of you who believe shopping is a sport, you will know how hard it is when you're excessively sweating and trying to find everything you want to buy in a short period of time (I probably didn't give you the best image of myself then!). I picked up a few products as I went out last night and just needed a few extra things which I'd run out of, and Boots and Superdrug both have pretty good deals on at the moment so I would recommend going there soon and taking advantage. Most of what I bought is pretty standard and boring but I thought I'd share as I haven't done a haul in a while.

I made a quick trip to Primark to get some false eyelashes, usually I wouldn't buy false eyelashes at this price as I would just expect them to not be of great quality. However I had seen reviews and did some research into them before I made the purchase. I think that 'PS Love' is their new range of eyelashes but I could be wrong, but there are three different looks to chose from I picked up all three just so I could try out which ones I preferred - and for just £1 you can't really go wrong. 

When I researched into the Primark false eyelashes, one of the things mentioned was that the glue wasn't particularly great. So I bought myself some of Eylure's 'Lashfix' which was only £2.75 from Boots which I thought was a pretty good price for how much 7ml (which will last a long time for eyelash glue). Now I've got this I am definitely going to go back to Primark and stock up on their false eyelashes because I really got on well with them.

If you have read my previous blog posts you know that I am a huge Vo5 fan, the packing, the - I adore the brand. It is a pretty boring buy but every girl runs out of hairspray at some point in their life, and Superdrug had their standard offer of 'buy one get one half price' on so I thought I'd pick up some heat protect spray as well. My hair is in such poor condition and desperately needs a cut, but its only just grown - I'm definitely stuck between what I want and what I need right now.

For anyone who knows me, they will know I am the absolute worst at fake tan and it definitely doesn't help that it brings my neck up in the ugliest allergic reaction ever. If anyone knows any fake tans which are eczema sensitive please recommend them to me seriously! I thought using a mitt would help with my fake tan ritual seen as though I can NEVER do it evenly, and it did but only on my legs. Unfortunately my skin just doesn't get on with fake tan, but I don't think I will ever learn as I can't stand being pale - bad beauty blogger habbits! However, I do have to say that Rimmel's 'Sun Shimmer Instant Tan' is the only false tan that has ever appeared brown and not orange, so if you have good skin go for it! Its only £3.49 and sadly with fake tan you get what you pay for, but it did the job for one night out so it wasn't too bad.

Again in Boots natural collection had the 3 for 1 offer as usual, I just picked up these to try as some of their products are quite good. After first impressions I don't really rate the concealer, I think that Collection's is still a lot better. The eye pencil did the job it was supposed to though and was genuinely pigmented - they're prices are cheap so its worth the bite if you're starting out with makeup, I would recommend their products for a drugstore starter kit.

My biggest beauty secret is that I am the latest jumping on the Real Techniques bandwagon, don't get me wrong I've always followed Sam and Nic Chapman on Pixiwoo and known about their brushes for ages but like I said I am so stingy with money and will always chose makeup over brushes. I've used these once and they are AMAZING so expect a first impressions and review on both brushes very soon. I picked up the expert face brush which was £9.99 and the blush brush which retails at £9.99 also, which technically I got for free as they had the incredible offer of buy 3 for 2 and my mum purchased the powder brush (£12.99) so let me chose an extra one!

Apologies if this haul was slightly boring but I hadn't done one
in a while so I thought why not! Have you tried
any of these products? Link reviews in the comments