Saturday, 14 June 2014

Benefit | The Porefessional Primer and Boi-ing Concealer

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Like most beauty bloggers, I am a huge sucker for packaging. When I say I buy products for their packaging however, I mean sleek classy and 'professional looking' packaging - particularly if it's in black. So when it comes to Benefit, I've never been a massive fan of the out going names and detailed images all in different colours everywhere, however I am slowly becoming more of a benefit fan and trying to get past my dislike for their packaging (I know people are going to be shocked by me saying this as the majority of makeup lovers I have talked too are huge fans of Benefit and their theme). 

I won't lie, I haven't at all splurged out on either of these items. I got the Porefessional primer sample from the June edition of ELLE magazine, I don't buy ELLE as I'm a VOGUE girl but I couldn't miss the opportunity to get a sample at a mere price of £4.00 after seeing so many amazing reviews about the product. As for the Boi-ing concealer, my friend gave this to me a few weeks ago because it wasn't the right match for her skin, so I thought why not try it and see how it works for me.

I'll start by talking about the Porefessional Primer by Benefit, I have to say this is a lovely product but I haven't seen the hype around the product work for me yet! I really do like the concept of this primer, when squeezed out the tube the colour appears as a light beige foundation colour however this does blend in to match your skin tone which I expected as it does not come in different colour shades. As far as application goes, its so creamy and almost leaves a velvet finish on your skin making your face feel and look incredibly smooth. The only thing that did bother me about the product however was that if you rub it in too much to your skin, the product dries a bit and becomes flaky and bitty on the face so I would suggest using a minimal amount and probably only around your oily areas. The smell again is nice, simply because it isn't over scented or perfumed it just smells like a healthy moisturising skin care product, similar to brands such as Simple and Boots/Superdrug, and it is genuinely healthy due to containing vitamin E.

I'm not sure whether I would purchase the full size of the Benefit Porefessional Primer, just simply because the job of a primer is not just to moisturise and smooth the skin but to keep your makeup in place and stay on longer than it usually would.  I've only trialed this in summer of course as I got the product this month and therefore haven't been able to see how it reacts to colder weather, but in my opinion I would say summer is the one time a primer is needed more than any. Wearing makeup in summer really annoys me skin, and feels so heavy throughout the day so anything which can make a lighter layer of foundation stay on for longer is a winner, and sadly I've seen no difference! I would definitely say this is a nice primer, and I would like to do a winter update but I don't even have oily skin and this product hasn't kept my makeup in place this summer so far. The Porefessional Primer retails at £24.50 in the UK for 22ml and can be purchased on Benefit's website, in Boots, or department stores with benefit counters such as Debenhams. 

Onto the concealer product, Benefit's 'Boi-ing Industrial-Strength Concealer'. I have this in the shade 01 which is the lightest shade in the range for this product, in total there are only five different shades so there isn't a huge selection but I suppose with concealer you can get away with it if it's a tiny bit too light/dark. I have dry skin, so cream concealers don't usually work as well for me as liquid ones do, such as MAC's Pro Longwear Concealer or the Collection Lasting Perfection. Typically, I didn't expect this to do wonders for me but surprisingly it really did impress me. The formulation of the product was so much creamier than I expected and therefore was really moisturising and hydrating for my skin, which especially in summer is very dry. Also, it is amazing for colour correction - my under eye circles were completely covered up and I didn't have to keep building the product up. I would say that its not completely crease proof as it does crease after a while of wearing it, but to get rid of dark eyes in the morning for school its not at all bad. I assume this would work well for most skin types unless your skin is very oily but even then using a translucent powder would most likely set in in place for the day. 

The Boi-ing concealer retails at £17.50  and is a best seller at Benefit. Again it can be bought on Benefit's official website, in Boots or at department stores such as Debenhams.

Have you tried these products? What are your opinions?
Would love to know if the Porefessional has helped your makeup stay in place &
if so some tips to help it work better for me.