Sunday, 8 June 2014

Favourite Product #1 | Eylure 116 'Naturalites' Lashes

When it comes to my obsession with lashes, it has definitely come on very fast. Even 2 months ago I would only wear eyelashes when going to parties, but now it has become a pretty much everyday ritual for me (apart from the odd school days when I really can't be bothered, which I suppose is most of the time). I'm putting it down to when you try something once and love it, you want it to stay that way. I first tried the Eylure 116 lashes a few weeks ago when they were in Boots for clearance for a price of just £2.60, and to say you got two pairs that are highly reusable I didn't think it was a bad offer. I would definitely recommend looking at the sales in Boots and Superdrug as most of Eylure's products are out for clearance due to them replacing their packaging with a more English sophisticated patriotic look. 

These lashes are definitely the best lashes I have ever worn in terms of application, they are so simple and easy to apply due to band being curved and not in a straight line which is what I found was difficult with the Primark lashes and cheaper alternatives from Amazon. Because of the band being so thin, these lashes look very natural once applied. Okay, so no false eyelashes ever look natural hence the name 'false' but in terms spoken in the false lash hoarder world they are definitely on the more natural side. I didn't have to trim these lashes much, and my eyes are quite small so I am not sure if they would be suited for bigger eyes but then again there's no harm in trying especially if you can grab a couple of pairs for £2.60 like I did.

These lashes retail at £5.06 on Eylure's official website, in which you only get one pair of lashes as it isn't the twin pack. But I would still pay the full price for just one pair because I have been loving them so much and can definitely be reused if you take good care of them, which isn't difficult!

Have you tried these lashes? What are your favourite false eyelash brands/styles?

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