Thursday, 26 June 2014

Makeup Revolution London New Salvation Palette - What You Waiting For? | Review

Makeup Revolution London were kind enough to send me some of their products to review on my blog, and this palette was included in my package. I've been using it all week, hence the marks in the products despite me trying to keep it clean so I apologise, I should have photographed everything in advance! The Gwen Stefani inspired eye shadow palette, in other words the 'What You Waiting For? Salvation Palette' couldn't have been a better choice for me. There are a variety of colours from light to dark however they're all pretty neutral, and for a neutral girl like me these are perfect. I'm going to keep this post short and sweet as I have many Makeup Revolution products to talk to you about in the next few weeks. I have to say though, out of the products I was sent this was the item I was most excited eye shadow palette collection is increasing.

For a price of only £6.00 you can't go wrong when all the Salvation Palettes come with 18 different eye shadows. The palette itself consists of 12 shimmer finishes and 6 matte ones, I've always preferred shimmer eye shadows so I am glad there are more of those but it is nice to have some good quality matte colours to add to my makeup collection.

We Love You, Tick Tock, Can't Find The Brake, Moving Car, Do It Alone, Sex Chromosome, Now Its Only Me, Scary Conversation, Take A Chance, Shut My Eyes, Stupid H..., Life Is Short.

I love that the names of all the eye shadows are from Gwen Stefani's 'What You Waiting For?', it just gives the palette a little bit more of an edge and originality compared to other brands. As you can see the pigmentation of all these shades have not let me down, the colours are rich and beautiful and so many looks can be created from this palette.

Your Capable, Super Hot Female, Million Dollar Contract, Hot Track, Brand New Fans, Wicked Style.

The matte shades in this palette completely remind me of the Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay and despite the lightest shade 'Your Capable' being slightly chalky and less pigmented than the others, I actually prefer these to the Urban Decay Naked Basics. These matte shades are creamier and easier to work with than Ubran Decays, I have never been a huge fan of the quality of my Naked Basics palette when it comes to doing my eyes so I am glad I have found a dupe of similar colours but much higher quality.

I think these palettes are gorgeous and there is one for everyone, and why not when they're only £6.00? In total there are five Salvation Palettes by Makeup Revolution which can be bought here or in Superdrug.

What's your opinion on Makeup Revolution's products? Have you tried any of their newly
released eye shadow palettes yet?