Monday, 30 June 2014

Makeup Revolution VS Urban Decay | Dupe Alert

I do love finding a good dupe, especially when I end up preferring it to the higher end brand, which was the exact case with Makeup Revolution's What You Waiting For? Salvation Palette and Urban Decay's Naked Basics palette. Okay, so its not an exact dupe some of the colours are slightly different when it comes to their undertones and warmth but its a pretty close match. I noticed the similarity when I swatched Makeup Revolution's palette for the first time the other week, and straight away it reminded me of Urban Decay's Naked Basics. The whole beauty community seem to go crazy for the Naked series by Urban Decay, and shock horror I've never bought in to the hype of Naked 1, 2 and 3 (however this will probably be broken pretty soon as Naked 3 is on my wishlist), so as for now Naked Basics its the only Urban Decay product I've tried.

From the two photos above you can see that they come pretty close, the top Makeup Revolution (£6.00) and the bottom Urban Decay (£22.00). They do differ in pigmentation clearly, slightly in colour and whereas all six shadows are matte by Makeup Revolution, the shade Venus in Naked Basics is a shimmer finish. I have my ups and downs with the Naked Basics palette, its a very 'love-hate' relationship and I can never quite tell why.

As I just stated, there are six matte shades in the Makeup Revolution palette. Although the palette comes with eighteen different shadows, I am purely focusing on the matte shades due to how much they remind me of the Naked Basics. I did get this palette sent to me for review purposes by Makeup Revolution, however this retails for £6.00 in Superdrug or their online store. To say the palette contains eighteen shadows, six of which are a dupe for those of Urban Decay and its only £6.00 is an absolute bargain (if you're interested in a review of this palette you can find it here). 

In my opinion, the pigmentation of these matte shadows are much higher quality compared to Urban Decay's. I think there is so much hype surrounding the brand and other higher end brands that when it comes to buying eye shadow palettes a lot of the beauty community tend to steer away from drugstore ones due to the stigma which comes with them, such as chalky, unpigmented products which crease and slide of the lid. Although my Naked Basics looks well loved as I have hit pan on two of the shades, I think this is primarily just because of the lack of pigmentation in them meaning I have to keep applying more to my brush when using them, especially with the lighter colours (Foxy, W.O.S & Naked 2) as they definitely lack pigmentation the most. 

Another thing I prefer about Makeup Revolution's product is that the colours are so much more blendable, I find that the Urban Decay shadows are really difficult to blend together and look almost dirty on your eyes. Again the colours from the Makeup Revolution palette are slightly warmer with pinkish undertones especially in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th shades but I think they're really beautiful colours for a matte finish which are nice for an everyday neutral look. 

Both palettes are really versatile as the black colours (such as Crave in the Naked Basics) can be doubled up as smokey eyeliner and I use Faint for my eyebrows on an everyday basis, again from the Naked Basics. I do love the packaging for this Urban Decay palette as its sleek and compact which makes it lightweight and easy to travel with, and a mirror is always handy. I would definitely say this palette would be good for something like a camping trip as the shadows provide a little bit of colour just to brighten up the complexion of your eyes but still very natural looking. Comparing the size of the packing to Makeup Revolution's palette which is huge compared I would say that this palette probably isn't the best to travel with, however the vast selection of colours and finishes would be good to use in a free lance kit or on a makeup job and its very professional looking too.

Have you tried either of these palettes? Would you consider saving your money
for a dupe of are you too much of an Urban Decay fan?