Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer Wishlist | July

July is coming around very soon, which is actually scary because of how fast this year has gone. It really doesn't seem that Christmas was long a go at all, I it'll be back so soon because I can see this summer flying by. I thought I ought to make a wishlist for July as I haven't done one in a really long time, and there's a few things that have caught my eye this season.

1. Of course, what could be better than a new pair of Joni Jeans by Topshop? These are by far the comfiest jeans I have ever worn, and now I don't think I could revert back to any other jeans. I have short legs, so high-waisted jeans are always more flattering on me and these are perfect to wear as they can be worn everyday casually or dressed up in the evening with heels. I only own two pairs, which after a year have faded slightly and frayed so I think its safe to say their time is coming, and I am definitely in need of a new pair.

2. Again, I am hugely late to try out the NARS Sheerglow Foundation, I think because I've bought into the hype of so many beauty products and regularly been let down, and at a price of £30.50 I've never wanted to waist my money on it. However, I've decided next time I have money in my purse I'm going to take the plunge - especially because all of my MAC foundations have now run out and I have nothing high coverage. 

3. I am absolutely in love with the Monki Isabel Holographic Clutch Bag which I saw on ASOS, which retails for a pretty decent price of £15.00. I think this is so different and beautiful, and perfect for summer. I'm a girl who wears a LOT of black clothing, and this would just a bit extra to any plain outfit. I'd also love to use this as a makeup travel bag, its so versatile and I love it. 

4. This OPI nail polish in 'Can't Find My Czechbook ' is a true summer colour. Although this is Limited Edition from the Euro Centrale Nail Laquer collection, it can still be found on Amazon/Ebay. OPI is a well known high quality brand, I think this would be perfect to last a whole holiday without any chippings and just there to top up if needed.

5. MAC's famous 217 Blending Brush has been on my wishlist for a long time now, next time I go into MAC I am going to pick this up as it'll just make eye makeup a whole lot easier and definitely less time consuming.

6. I've seen so many girls with this bag recently on Instagram/Youtube and again I'm in love, every time I have money I will always spend it on makeup which is the most annoying habit! Pretty much all my bags have fallen apart now, and I'm left using a cute green side bag from H&M about three years ago. Although my green bag is cute, it doesn't go with anything and it's far from fashionable. This tote bag from Topshop is stunning, and I love a nude colour I think its so classy.

7. Aaaah, The Body Shop's Passion fruit Body Butter. My boyfriend bought me a tub a few years ago, and its run out completely. I absolutely adore this smell, its so summery and fruity but not too over-powering. Its on offer for £5.00 at the moment, so I am really hoping they aren't discontinuing it otherwise I will have to go and buy loads to stock up! The Body Shop's Body Butters are SO moisturising, leaving your legs the softest they will ever feel - I promise you.

8. The last item on my wishlist are these NIKE Free 5.0+ women's running trainers. These are so pricey, especially for a girl who isn't at all the best at sport. Although recently these past few weeks I've been on a complete fitness kick, and I love looking at different gym clothing online. I'm a firm believer having pretty running gear makes you want to exercise more!
What's on your July wishlist this summer?