Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July Favourites | Non-Beauty

With the goal to write more lifestyle posts this summer, I'm going to tell you my non-beauty favourites from July....

1. TUMBLR-  Tumblr is one of those websites I come and go from, I'll either completely obsess over it for a few months or not touch it at all. This past month I've been going on Tumblr for hours on end because its such an inspiring site for blog and Instagram posts and I find it way less confusing than Pintest (which is probably something I should be using as a blogger). I re-vamped my Tumblr this week using one of the themes by Classy-Lovely and I haven't stopped re-blogging things since. I'd like to increase my follower base on Tumblr so hopefully you can follow me, but its just a creative place for photography ideas and something anyone can easily become addicted too. My Tumblr is KatherineRosieBlog.

2, SUNGLASSES -  The second thing I've been obsessing over are sunglasses. This may seem like an obvious one in the summer season, but I've never really been too fussed about them much before becoming such a makeup junkie. Wearing heavy makeup in summer is really difficult especially when you're constantly squinting and your eyes can water, I find sunglasses make you look so much more put together and no one needs to know if you aren't wearing eye makeup. Primark have some gorgeous pairs in at the moment retailing at just £1.00-£3.00 which is incredible for money and they also come with cute cases!

Google Images
3. TK MAXX - I remember my mum dragging me round TK Maxx in my younger days and not understanding why she wanted to spend so much time in one particular store. As I've got older, its clear that she loves it for the prices. Being a beauty blogger, the discounts in TK Maxx on all things beauty literally make me squeal inside (okay so cringe, but come on?!). While in TK Maxx the other day I saw an Elizabeth Arden mascara reduced from £22.00 to just £7.00..the prices in this store are incredible and you often find discontinued products you may have wanted to try out for ages. Also, just to mention the quality and quantity of designer bags in TK Maxx are just INSANE. 

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4. MORRISON'S APPLE AND ELDERFLOWER HIGH JUICE (WARM) - I have been OBSESSED with this drink recently. I think of this as my own version of fruit tea, some fruit teas are a bit too over powering for me and I've always loved Morrison's Apple and Elderflower High Juice (£1.30) as a cold drink just to keep me going while blogging or at school. But, recently I've been drinking it with boiled water as a hot drink and its absolutely gorgeous..I discovered this combination when preparing for a singing exam as hot cordial always helps my vocal chords. It's a bargain price for a drink which lasts a good two weeks or so!

I only have 4 non-beauty favourites this month, but I've enjoyed all of them thoroughly, what have yours been this July?