Friday, 18 July 2014

Night Time Skincare & Pamper Routine | Summer Edition


Skincare isn't something I usually talk about on my blog, so I though seen as though recently I've got myself into a routine I would share it with you. It's safe to say bath time is my favourite time of the day, I never used to be a fan of baths but as I've got older they're perfect for completely relaxing you. I probably do spend too long in the bath, around 30-45 minutes and I do have one every night. I feel like pampering and cleansing makes my mind so much clearer and makes me feel more organised in my head as it's so therapeutic...aaah.

In summer, I like to shave my legs around every three nights just because you never know when you need your legs out depending on Britain's bi-polar weather. There's been a huge heat wave recently and its been too warm for wearing tights with dresses/skirts or even jeans. So, when I have a bath the first thing I tend to do is my nails - if they need doing or I'm fancying a change. I usually put YouTube videos on and catch up on my subscriptions while sitting and painting my nails which I like as I don't have much time to watch my YouTube feed at the moment. The next thing I will do is shave my legs, after my nails have dried of course. I don't actually use a shaving cream which I probably should do so if you have any recommendations then feel free to leave them in the comments box! To shave I just lather my legs in the average soap bar by Dove, which does the job fine for me as it just react badly with my skin. 

After I've shaved, I will exfoliate all the dead skin of my dry areas such as my legs, arms and chest and neck area. For this, I use ESPA Skincare's Exfoliating Body Polish which I received from the lovely girls I met last weekend who were at the Blog Yorkshire event representing the brand. I have only been using this product for under a week, but ESPA's products have already made their way to my skincare routine. My skin is very quick to tell whether something works for it or not, and this is a life saver. I don't want to say too much as there will be a full review soon, however if you have sensitive skin/eczema I can guarantee this product will work for you. 

After using Superdrug's facial wipes for sensitive skin, I cleanse my face with ESPA's Hydrating Cleansing Milk just to remove an excess makeup and to make my face feel a little softer. With this I use the Washi Skin Polishing Kit which I also got from Blog Yorkshire, they're just really soft flannels in different sizes for different areas of your body - I love the concept.

Once I've done, I will get out the bath and go in the shower to wash my hair if it hasn't been washed already. My hair is a huge struggle for me, it is dead ended and quite ratty but its also thin and lacks volume. This is all due to dying it way too much when I was younger and not using heat protect serums, just generally not taking care of it. I have been in a phase of washing my hair every day as it just gets so greasy if I don't, but I've been really trying to wash it every other day so my hair can get some volume back in it's life. To wash my hair I use the L'oreal Elvive Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner and occasionally use the TREsemme Split Remedy Hair Masque

Seen as though its summer, Dove's Summer Glow is perfect for a light 'summer glow' - as the name would suggest. I use this everyday as its fair to medium skin, so it doesn't go patchy on my skin as its moisturising and the right shade for me. This product has always worked well for me and my eczema, I think its because its not as heavily perfumed as self tanners.

After I have moisturised my whole body with the Summer Glow by Dove, I apply the 'Glow 'N' Go Instant Tan Matte' by Creightons. I've used their natural tanning cream before and like it, so I gave this a go and I've been loving it. It is wash off, so to keep up a tan with this I do have to do it everyday. However I have no complaints as I am finally able to fake tan without a rash coming up, so with that in mind I don't mind doing it everyday. 

For my face and neck, I do have to use a prescribed double base cream for my eczema so I always make sure I put that on before any other products. The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream has been treating me well recently. At first I found the consistency quite weird and gloopy, but after using it before bed it really sinks into my skin over night and replenishes it beautifully for the next day.  


After my pamper routine I will just put some comfy clothes on, as its summer at the moment I tend to just put on a baggy top especially with the heat at the moment! I'll then get a warm drink either a decaffe tea or a fruit tea before bed and relax for a while until brushing my teeth and going to sleep.

I've never written a post like this before, so I hope you liked it! What's in your skincare/pamper routine this summer? Which products work best for you?