Monday, 21 July 2014

SUMMER FITSPIRATION | Fitness, Exercise, Clothing & Motivation


Hearing the word 'exercise' is a word which makes the majority of us clench, reminding us we should be spending a few hours in the gym instead of lounging in front of the TV watching Netflix all day. Its not been until literally about a month and a half a go that I actually decided to give exercise a proper go and really try and maintain a healthy weight as now I'm getting older I can feel my metabolism slowing down - already. One thing I think which is important to stress is that you do not need to go to the gym to work out, I would personally love to go to the gym but the expenses of the gym itself and travel to get there just don't work out for me, so I'm stuck at home using what I've got around me to try and actually make a difference to my body. I'm not fitness expert, so I wouldn't worry if what I am doing is different to you as everyone has their own preferences. 

In honest words, I am not actually sure whether I am a healthy person. Although I am exercising and I can psychically walk/run/swim etc my diet is the complete opposite to what a healthy person would be eating. Personally, I know that I don't need to diet nor lose weight as I don't think I genuinely can due to my small frame/build. I think this is primarily why I do not diet, or 'cut down on my portions' so to speak as I am interested in toning my figure..which is what this post is about!

The main thing with exercising is to do it for YOURSELF, however cringey this might sound it's completely true. I've spent too long trying to change myself for other people in the past few years, and it doesn't make you happy (which is what exercise is also supposed to do). If you don't want to change, its simple - don't. But if you think adding exercise into your current life routine will do you some good, then why not? 


When I say there are many reasons to exercise, that's exactly what I mean. It is definitely true that exercising makes you happier and gives you a clear and organised mind which is something we could all benefit from time to time. 

1) HAPPINESS LEVELS - I've never been good at sciences, so I can't tell you the ins and outs with all the technical terms, but exercise for me has always given me so much head space and helped me have more self confidence in the short term. After a run or a workout I instantly feel more toned and more healthy, with has everything to do with the Placebo Effect...yes I have been watching too much Derren Brown recently but it's true - promise!

2) FOCUS & CONCENTRATION - I find once I've been for a run or done a workout that I instantly want everything in my life to be organised. It really increases my productivity , for example if my room is untidy I will sort it out and make sure everything is in place. Its just small steps which lead too making you feel so much better.

3) HEALTH & STAMINA - ..And the obvious, of course it improves your fitness and stamina levels.

There are some really good apps from the app store which help to motivate and keep you going. How can you forget about your exercise routine when your phone is constantly sending you notifications?! I personally like to use three apps: The 30 Day Ab Challenge, MyFitnessPal and Pump Up...

30 DAY AB CHALLENGE - This app doesn't really focus on motivation or 'fitspiration', but it is something you could take 15 minutes out of your day to complete. I love this little app because its almost like a diary, you complete the challenges for the day which don't take long at all, and if you want to do any extra you can look at the other ab exercises and chose which ones you'd like to focus on. There's an app by the same people for squating, and I think there may be a cardiovascular one also, but I just focus on abs because its my personal favourite thing to work on and what I want to get the most out of exercising. 

MYFITNESSPAL - This app has always been one I've loved while going through my health kick phases every so often. Again its like a diary where you can log everything you have eaten and drank throughout the day which then sums itself up to a total amount of calorie intake. You can also log your exercise, how long its taken and what you've done and it will then tell you how many calories you've lost and take them away from the total. You can set goals as to how many calories you want to intake in a day, although it does have to be a reasonable and healthy amount. 

PUMP UP - Pump Up is a recent discovery of mine after watching Musical Bethan's fitness video which was posted a couple of weeks ago. Its basically Instagram, but all the photos focus on fitness, health and motivation. Every time you start a workout, which you can customise to your preference, you have the option to upload a photo of your progress, or just simply a motivational quote to help out your followers. I haven't used this much yet, but I love the concept and I can see myself really getting into it! Also as you can see Musical Bethan followed me back....aaaaaaaaah you don't understand how insane that is!
All three apps are free from the app store, and I'm pretty sure they will work on all android phones and not iPhones - although if they don't they'll be similar apps out their to keep you motivated and feeling ready to exercise.

Although this isn't an app, YouTube is also a great way to work from home. My favourite channel to use is Xhit Daily which has tutorials from legs to abs and even a Victoria's Secret series!

And of course, exercising has the 'cute factor'. Having a cute matching gear to wear whilst exercising definitely gets me in the mood more for working out, especially as the clothing is SO comfortable. There are so many gym outfits I want but I don't think I am that much of a fitness fanatic to own even more than one (currently my schedule is run every other night, and then on the other nights do a 30 minute workout...which is enough for me I don't think I'd be able to do a full one hour workout!). I do have a fitness gear wish list however...

If you know me, you'll know my wardrobe is mostly black and white and I am terrible at fashion! But with fitness I think all things colourful are so cute, especially because it makes the whole 'ordeal' so much more enjoyable!


Wow this post took so long to write! I hope its been useful and enjoyable to read as its really different from what I would usually write - and out of my comfort zone! What's your fitness routine this summer and how do you keep yourself motivated?