Friday, 8 August 2014

Makeup Revolution London Pro Hygiene Brush Cleaner and Shampoo

Last week I was sent Makeup Revolutions two brand new products to try out, their 'Pro Hygiene Anti Bacterial Brush Shampoo and Brush Cleaner'. After being seriously in to makeup for around a year, it was about time I got round to getting myself a brush cleaner. These two products are the first I've got to tend to my brush collection, as I've just been washing them with shampoo and conditioner (probably not the best thing to do!). 

Both products retail at a mere price of £5.00, which is decent considering there are high end brands which also sell brush cleaning products. As I haven't ever used a cleaning product before, I don't have anything to compare these two gems too..however I am pleasantly surprised.

Like the name suggests, the Brush Shampoo works exactly the same way as any usual shampoo would do, but Makeup Revolution recommend using the Brush Cleaner with the shampoo itself. I have been using the cleaner with my brushes before shampooing, by just spritzing one of my brushes a few times the bristles easily soak up the cleaner and get rid of any bacteria which may have accumulated on the brush throughout the week (I wash my brushes weekly) and then by using the shampoo my brushes have an extra wash and are able to dry perfectly clean!

I love Makeup Revolution as they just seem to keep growing and producing more amazing products, also they are really friendly and cooperate well with bloggers! Its also great to see a drugstore brand bringing out their own brush cleaning/shampooing products.

Have you tried the Brush Shampoo & Cleaner by Makeup Revolution?..What about
any of their other products?