Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Body Shop Body Butter in Passionfruit..Discontinued?

Its quite fair to say that when it comes to body butters and creams, The Body Shop's Body Butters are my all time holy grail product. When I say you wake up with legs as smooth as baby's skin, it couldn't be further from a lie. 

My boyfriend bought me this a while back when I was obsessing over The Body Shop, well I still absolutely love it but I was going through a huge phase with body butters, lotions and shower gels and this happened to be one of the products he picked up for me as a little treat. Passion fruit isn't a smell I'd usually go for, and although I can't describe smells this body butter honestly has the most divine smell a girl could dream of smelling of. I think another reason why I love it so much is probably due to the fact it was a gift from my boyfriend and therefore the smell is somewhat nostalgic to me...but it's been DISCONTINUED.

Aaah bad beauty blogger habits, blogging about discontinued products. Its such a shame because this is my all time favourite smell by The Body Shop and I can't understand why they had to get rid of this one. Either way, any of their body butters will leave your body feeling SO smooth..honestly just try it! So many girls are a fan of the Righteous Butter by Soap and Glory and although that is gorgeous, I can guarantee 100% that The Body Shop's body butters work even better - and there are so many different scents to chose from!

The butters retail at £13.00 which you get 200ml for, they last for AGES and AGES so be sure to pick the right scent for you! Also, if you're unsure whether to get a full size and just want to try out different scents then they do mini sizes for around £4.00/£5.00 which are perfect for gifts as well.

What's your favourite scent by the Body Shop? Have you used their Body Butters?