Sunday, 10 August 2014

Travel This Summer with SHOPBOP!

It probably seems late to do a 'travel essential' post but what does that matter when there's four weeks of summer left? August is supposed to be the hottest month after all, and is when most people tend to go on their holidays! Although I'm not going away myself this summer, I thought I would bring together a fashion guide of travel essentials for those of you lucky enough to go away this summer..

For those of you who aren't aware of SHOPBOP is basically an online department store which sells a whole A-Z range of designer brands. The brands range from the more affordable, such as Converse and Calvin Klein, to higher end brands such as Marc Jacobs and Givenchy so there's definitely something for everyone on this site! Unlike some online department stores, the website is easily accessible and simple to use..I am one of those people who cannot online shop on an disorganised website! There's so much variety to chose from and I've been spending way too much time browsing through all the goodies, especially their 70% off sale! Anyway, here's what I chose for my summer fashion essentials which are perfect for a long holiday or quiet weekend away...

KATE SPADE PHONE CASES - I think these phone cases are SO pretty, there are loads of chose from in the collection all of different colours and cute girly catch phrases. I think there's something really nice about having a pretty phone case for a holiday, it just makes the whole trip more exciting, and I know I use my phone a lot more when it looks pretty.

M MISSONI OVERSIZED SUNGLASSES - I'm loving the 'oversized' sunglasses look right now (although any sunglasses are oversized on my face as I have a pea head), and like I mentioned in my July non-beauty favourites post I've been obsessed with sunglasses this summer! I think these are gorgeous for a sunny holiday away especially due to the pop of colour, there are other colours available but I would definitely chose this coral/orange colour. 

CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR STYLE CONVERSE - I've actually just ordered these because converse are a must have in any girls wardrobe. They're perfect for holidays and can be worn with any outfit, dressed up or dressed down. They're so comfortable and last a really long time, the only problem is keeping them clean! But these would love perfect with a pair of fringed shorts and a basic t-shirt just to wear by the pool or too the beach.

C'EST COOL TEE - As you can see, I'm liking the whole french theme right now, I've never been to Paris and its definitely on my list of places to visit and SOON. I love this t-shirt, it can be worn with some many different pieces and it fits my favourite fashion trend ever which is monochrome. 

ADIA KIBUR STATEMENT NECKLACE - Statement necklaces have been so huge this past year and I think these would look amazing with a plain black maxi dress, choosing to wear a simple maxi dress during the day saves so much time as when it comes to evening all you need to do is throw on this necklace and the whole look of the outfit completely changes.

KATE SPADE JOURNAL - Its always nice to carry a note pad around with you everywhere, especially if you're a blogger as inspiration is everywhere you go. When it comes to travelling or going away, you don't want a huge A4 sized notepad everywhere with you, and I thought this little journal was too cute to not put on this post!

MARC JACOBS FRIENDSHIP BRACELET - I adore the colours of this bracelet, they're so summery and pretty yet the bracelet due to its size is still really simple and understated. Friendship type bracelets and wrist bands are always nice to wear on your wrist while on holiday, its just something a bit more fun and different to when you're back at home..and may I add, Marc Jacobs everyone?!

Hopefully this helped some of you out if you're trying to down size your packing or just needed a few style tips to get you going. Happy travelling x