Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Beauty UK Cosmetics NEW Products | Review

Beauty UK Cosmetics are a brand I've seen across Youtube for a while now, recently they've brought out a load of new products and I was lucky enough to try a few out. Beauty UK are a drugstore brand which can also be found in Superdrug stores across the UK, I'm always on the hunt for new drugstore brands to try out for the obvious reason that they're a whole lot more affordable than high end brands, and I'm big on saving money right now as its coming up the Christmas (or in my opinion anyway!). 

The Shimmer Box in the shade Rose was one of the products I picked up and I'm so pleased I did! I've never owned a shimmer brick before, because its never the first product I would reach for while shopping but this has to now be the prettiest product I own, and I think its visually clear why..aaah pink! These are pretty similar to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks but only retail for £4.99 which is a complete bargain in my eyes. I just swirl all the colours together on my Real Techniques Blush Brush and lightly sweep across my cheeks and slightly up my temples..the highlight in this product is perfect!

Who doesn't love a good matte bronzer?! I think matte bronzers are quite hard to come across in the drugstore because no matter how many brands claim their products are 'matte' there's still flecks on shimmer and sparkle that appear on your cheeks and then they don't work as a contour product at all. So far so good, I've been using this bronzer for a good two weeks now every day and I really like it for contouring, although the colour appears slightly orange in the photo above its more on the brown side than orange which is what I find with most bronzers when having really pale skin! I got this product in the shade No.1 Medium which I think could possibly be the lightest shade they do but it works fine for me and I'm an NW15 in MAC. 

My first impressions of Beauty UK have been pretty good, and I'd like to try out more of their face products as these two little gems have really worked for me! 

Have you tried Beauty UK? What are your favourite DRUGSTORE face products?