Friday, 26 September 2014

MAC Lipglass in Enchantress and Angel | My Thoughts

As a huge MAC fan and a lipstick fanatic in itself, its pretty weird to say that these are the only two MAC lipglasses I own. I'm lucky that where I live there's a nearby outlet store which sells all the brands from the Estee Lauder companies at a discounted price, or I probably would have never tried these out...

MAC lipglasses are one of those hit or miss products, and I think you either love them or you hate them. MAC are one of my favourite makeup brands, simply for no other reason that its MAC. I'm a girl who can't wear nothing on my lips, its like when you wear false eyelashes and then every time you do your makeup it doesn't feel right without them - its exactly the same with me for lipstick. 

Glosses are something I've been experimenting with over the past year, and I don't know what it is but I just cannot get on with them. Purely because they are highly inconvenient - hairgloss, trying to drink/eat, staying power, stickiness..etc

Some lip glosses I find really nourishing for my lips and aren't sticky at all, but I think anyone who knows their makeup knows that the MAC lip glasses are probably the stickiest on the market. Points to MAC for their staying power however, they definitely know how to make a product last and if I'm honest that's the only reason I would ever wear these.

The shades Enchantress and Angel are two beautiful shades, they aren't what I would usually buy as I am more of a dark lip girl, but for an understated look they do give a nice finish to a makeup look. 

The MAC lipglasses look gorgeous, smell gorgeous and last for ages which sounds perfect for any girl. My problem is the texture of how sticky they feel on your lips, I just cannot deal with it. But, no pain no gain right?

Which shades of the MAC lipglasses do you own? Do you like them?