Friday, 19 September 2014

Nanshy: The Blending Brush

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So it wasn't until the Blog Yorkshire event in July that I had heard of Nanshy Makeup Brushes, and back then in July I was lucky enough to receive the blending brush in my goodie bag, and since then there hasn't been a day I haven't used it. Okay, so this sounds completely cliche but this truly has become my go to blending brush. Recently I was sent another blending brush by Nanshy, which was so nice to get because this is my favourite eye brush and as Tanya Burr says when you blend you should always have two brushes...

Its so important that you have good makeup brushes when it comes to application, this doesn't necessarily mean that you have to spend a fortune on them as there are really good brushes in the drugstore market, but quality is key as a makeup brush can completely change your whole makeup look. Although I've been told so many times that the brushes are just as important as the makeup, I never believed anyone until I started buying better quality brushes, how can a single different brush make such a difference?

I used to struggle so much with eye makeup application, especially when it came to my crease as my eyes are quite hooded and it took me about an hour to get even eye shadow (life story alert, I apologise!). As I keep reiterating its the brushes that make all the difference, and having a good pair of blending brushes makes a whole lot of difference!
Like I said, quality doesn't always have to be expensive. Nanshy make really affordable but high quality brushes and makeup tools - the blending brush retails at only £5.95! The bristles of the brush are really soft, and they do not shed which is so pleasing because there is nothing worse than a brush that sheds all over your face. I wash my Nanshy blending brush with the Makeup Revolution Anti-Bacterial Shampoo and Cleanser which is what I use for all my brushes and they wash nicely, especially as the bristles are ombred white. 

As you all know I am the biggest sucker for packaging, and how can you not resist these brushes when they come in their little white satin bags? It really is like receiving a gift at a wedding or special event, and its something that little bit extra which makes me want to buy more from their website! I'm a huge fan of their packaging, especially the brushes which are white with silver dealing and AREN'T matte so don't get dirty easily.

Nanshy have just launched their Masterful Collection of makeup brushes which can be viewed online on their site HERE; the collection includes the perfect set of makeup brushes which would complete your everyday makeup look including my favourite blending brush. You can also chose between the Pearlescent White (like displayed in the photo) or the Onyx Black packaging, either are gorgeous!

A perfect reason to shop with Nanshy is because their brushes are cruelty free Vegan made brushes, this means no animals were harmed in the making of their products and why not chose Nanshy when this is the case and their brushes are still luxurious and of high quality?

What are your favoruite affordable makeup brushes?

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