Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Dream Closet | TAG!

My lovely blogger friend, Meg Bolderson, created the Dream Closet tag and tagged me and a few others to join in! I think this is the perfect excuse to put together a little wishlist of items that probably will never be owned by you (a sad thought I know!). There's so many designer bags and shoes which I am forever lusting after, but it seems slightly inappropriate to add them to a monthly wishlist because they're just too unrealistic, well for me anyway!

I've wanted a pair of Louboutin's for as long as I can remember, sadly I don't think its going to happen soon although it is my 18th birthday in two months...hint hint. I think a nude pair of heels are timeless and of course the red soles are a classic. 

I've never owned a real leather jacket, I've owned two black new look ones and I have a cream one also from new look! YSL are one of my favourite high end brands on the catwalk and this leather jacket is absolutely stunning, I'd love to own this - definitely a staple that would go with any outfit!

I'm not big on jewelry, I only ever wear my Pandora bracelet and my Pandora ring which was bought by my boyfriend for our two year anniversary (he's going to be so pleased I've finally mentioned the ring on my blog!). This bangle is beautiful, and something I could wear to any occasion for a simple and elegant look...in my dreams though!

Aaah Meg, you've really got me longing for everything on my wishlist now! This Chanel bag has to be the most expensive item on my list, but who wouldn't put a Chanel bag on a dream closest wishlist! I love the chain detailing and its such a classy bag I would probably use it everyday, even if it would risk ruining it.

I've found myself browsing through Whistle's clutches numerous times but never splurged out, they're definitely on the more cheaper side of high end but I just haven't made the purchase yet! I always subconsciously feel guilty when spending loads of money, but don't we all? I love this because really simple and could go with any outfit, but the faux fur just gives it a bit of edge, and we all like a bit of edge.

And, of course, what better way to end the tag with a tote by Michael Kors. Okay, so I cheated, there's two bags on my list...but I couldn't help myself! I'm making it one of my materialistic life goals to own a tote bag by Michael Kors (that makes me sound ridiculously shallow, hence the word materialistic)...but it really is too beautiful not to own!

I tag all my readers to do this tag, especially Phoebe from FlawlessFlare! What would be in your dream closet? Leave your dream items below in the comments box!
Katherine x