Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Joey Essex Volumising Powder | Review

This post only seems appropriate as TOWIE starts again tonight on ITV Be at 10pm..aaah an Ibiza special (although I'll have to catch up because I sleep way too early). I've not ever tried anything out of Joey Essex's range for girls, and being honest I am not one of those people who tends to use celebrity brands unless I truly love them. I received this in my Blog Yorkshire goodie bag back in July so I've had a good amount of time to test it out, here's my thoughts..

I'm always half skeptical about volumising powders, and to whether or not they actually work. My hair is pretty much flat if I use no product with it, which is pretty much most days because I'm at school. I long to have gorgeous hair but I don't think its ever going to happen... 

This product comes in the formula of a powder, pretty much a replica of talcum powder but I wouldn't really say this is a problem. I actually do like this product to an extent, whether it works or not I'm not sure. The smell is really girly scented and reminds me of when you get ready with loads of girls for a party or something - I'm definitely awful at describing smells but I don't think any blogger is particularly good at it!

The product definitely does add volume and a boost to my hair, whether it works or whether its a placebo (here's me getting all psychological) i can definitely see a difference after using it. If you 'zush' it in your hair enough, the talcum white effect disappears so don't be put off by the colour. I wouldn't say its very long lasting, I would say you'd have to keep back combing and applying more product to maintain voluminous locks but then again this could be due to having thin hair, as it may work better for people with thicker hair!

I didn't pay for this, but I literally have no idea why it is so expensive for what it is. Retailing at £16.62 this definitely is not a bargain, and I don't think I would pay for it myself. I would overall rate it around a 5/10, just because it didn't really work for me and I think it's overpriced. 

Hopefully this hasn't steered you clear of the Joey Essex range, I'm pretty sure there are really good products in this line but this one just didn't work for me!

 Have you tried this product? What do you think of celebrity beauty lines?
Are there any hair volumising products you think I should try?