Friday, 3 October 2014

Makeup Revolution All Day & Night Eyeliner Collection | Review

The ever so kind Makeup Revolution sent me their new collection of 'All Day All Night' eyeliner pencils, which I believe are a small collection from their 'I Heart Makeup' collection. The collection comes in six different shades and promise to be smudge proof and water resistant. Eye pencils are that nifty makeup product which always seem to be sliding around my eyelids and panda eyes is never a good look, so testing these out was a treat as I don't tend to have that many good quality eyeliners...

Makeup Revolution have continued to impress me product after product that I've tried out, and I am definitely a no.1 fan of their brand - not to mention how blogger and social media friendly they are! Their costs are low and these pencils are no exception retailing at £1.99 each which is an absolute bargain making the whole collection affordable. 

These pencils live completely up to their claim, they are completely smudge and water proof, their pigmentation lasts forEVER, even swatches of them took a good few days to wear off. I'm impressed by how creamy the consistency of them is and how easy they are to use, especially as they are blendable and can also be used as an eye shadow base.

Makeup Revolution have never failed to impress me and I will continue to use their products until they make bad ones (which I highly doubt!). I have recently tried out some more products by them and cannot wait to review them for you all! 

Have you used Makeup Revolution? What are your favourite products by the brand?