Sunday, 26 October 2014

Makeup Revolution New | The One Blush Stick Collection

As a big fan of Makeup Revolution, I was so happy to receive their brand new collection of 'The ONE Blush Stick'. I'm a huge fan of cream based products, as you'll know if you read my blog regularly so I'm pretty impressed there's a whole new collection for me to try out..especially as the brand continuously impress me...

The collection comes with four different shades in two finishes, I think this is a really cool idea because a lot of people have preferences as to whether they are a fan of the 'matte' finish, or the 'dewy' finish. Being both, I'm glad I've got all eight to chose from...I don't think I'll be needing any new blushers in a while. The shades are all very pretty, and can be used for multi-purpose if you like! You can use the products on your checks and lips, and I've also found a few more uses for them too!

The packaging reminds me of the NARS Mulitple's which are similar in shape and size, and I would definitely say that 'Matte Malibu' (the matte brown shade) could be a dupe for the Matte Multiple in Vientiane which everyone seems to love! Personally, I wish the products were a little bit smaller as they're quite bulky to carry around and difficult to store..also there's so much product I don't think you could use it all up! But saying that, these would make perfect stocking fillings and they're only a price of £5.00..perfect for the ultimate girly girl for Christmas!

Another thing to point out about the packaging, is that it mirrors the finish of the product. All the matte products are in black matte packaging, a pain for practicality as they always get dirty but then what makeup doesn't?! I just think its a cute and clever idea and makes it easier to establish what the product is as it doesn't say their names on the bullet.

My favourite out of the collection are 'Dream', which is a very light satin pink shade and 'Matte Malibu' which is the matte brown shade. I like this in particular primarily because I can use one as a highlight and one for contouring, which work really nicely when blended into your makeup! Although, I would say I find them easier to work with and more buildable when I put them underneath my foundation beforehand for a more subtle everyday look!

My skin is in no mood to be swatched on today so you'll have to make do with paper swatches, but they are pretty much exactly the same on the skin. I like how buildable they are and the fact they can be used for any occasion, I would definitely wear 'Matte Rush' on my lips for the classic red lip look. These products are fantastically pigmented and are a cheaper alternative to the NARS multiple, if you've never used a cream based product before these are a perfect way to try out how you feel about them - and for a mere cost!

Have you tried these products? What are your thoughts on Makeup Revolution?
What are your favourite products from Makeup Revolution?
Katherine x